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How to Have Decent Toilet Stalls with Proper Bathroom Stall Dimensions

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jun, 29

These bathroom partitions seem to not touch either the ceiling or the floor. And how are there so many gaps in between surfaces?

In a word or two, the toilet stalls are simply terrible. There comes the most common concern which is how the partitions do not reach the ground at all. And of course, as if continuing a trend, it leaves the ceiling hanging as well. And most importantly of all, you never really have true privacy if you are using a public toilet. Despite being a public utility, you should not have your dignity at stake simply because you needed to poop. America’s toilet has a lot of problems but with proper bathroom stall dimensions, american toilet users might just get the toilet they deserve.

What Better Bathroom Stall Dimensions Solve

Jumping into the heart of the problem, the gaps between the stalls are simply appalling. These edges allow the one sitting on the toilet to make eye contact with people who pass by the stalls. I would like to differ in that it is common decency to poop in peace without someone staring at the windows through my soul.

The moment I realized that there is a problem was when a colleague of mine pointed out how we should not have gendered bathrooms altogether. Of course, there is a lot to talk about in terms of gender politics which I am not willing to get into. But just to give my two cents on the matter, my friend knew what he was talking about. Everyone should just be allowed to use whichever bathroom they are most comfortable of using. And breaking down the walls that forces us to choose which ones we conform to just makes everything more awkward for everyone involved. And that is the last thing I am going to say about that issue.

My friend suggested that the bathrooms should be divided by purpose. Meaning that each person going to the bathroom can urinate in one room and only on the other can he or she go do number two. The intention was to lessen tense situations where someone wanting to urinate would not have to subject himself or herself to assaults to the senses when someone was taking a dump. Conversely, doing number two should not be so taboo when doing it outside the comforts of your home. He argued that it makes it better for everybody involved but I did not agree, of course.

I thought it was a waste to entertain the thought because of the many problems it raises and the sheer impracticality of it all. But he did point out a problem that we have all just seemed to accept without any protest. The problem was that our bathrooms are ill-equipped to let us do number two and the reason for it, you guessed it, is the poor bathroom stall dimensions. I would like to point out the obvious here and say that we need bathroom stalls that stretch from the ceiling to the floor like a normal room. If we could afford to have proper walls for our study because we needed isolation, then there really is no reason why we give bathroom time the same privacy we get in our office cubes.

Bathroom Stall Dimensions of the Future

If I were to jump into a time machine and go take a man back from a hundred years ago with me, he would probably wonder why we have outhouses indoors. Because that is what the toilet partitions really are nowadays, albeit with better plumbing. It is no secret that everyone is appalled at the state of our bathrooms but it makes me wonder why no one really spoke up. And then, on a recent trip to europe, I realized one thing. And that is our problem is really just our own. Long have the Europeans moved on from the primitive bathroom stalls that haunt our very moments of zen.

To make sense of the madness, I looked for the person behind all my misery. And that led me to a person named Frank Lloyd Wright, who apparently had it in for peaceful bathroom breaks. The design was inherently used to make it easier for janitors to mop up the floors when doing bathroom maintenance. While I no doubt support the intent, I am surprised at the liberties they were willing to give up for the simple practicality and a few minutes of time they can save.

However I can understand why the design took off. The patent for it became public in the early 1900s and businesses and local government units craved for an easy way to set up public toilets. The design did prove to make it pretty much maintainable and a lot of people saw an opportunity to cut costs both in capital expense as the partitions are much cheaper than actual walls, and operating expense because they needed less manpower to maintain.

The Secret Behind Bathroom Stall Dimensions

The main reason, I believe why they designed toilet partitions the way they did was a bit more sinister. Or, at the very least, it was more sinister than what they originally intended it to be. Basically, they did not want you to have privacy when using a public bathroom. A lot of people have made out bathrooms to be a quick way to do illegal things when you cannot afford to go to a motel. Drugs, sex, and other illicit activities can sometimes be deterred if there is a huge risk of being caught such as the case for a public bathrooms with so much gaps. I say sometimes because I truly do not believe that it had served its assumed purpose. Sure, it may work at a starbucks or some other place but I truly cannot remember the last time I went to the toilet at my favorite bar without having to prepare myself for any surprises that may come. Something really has to be done with our public toilet situation.