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Martin Castilla            No comments            Oct, 29

A very common problem that is faced a lot nowadays, a brand creating an Instagram account with the hopes of getting thousands of followers who will be exposed to their products. But unfortunately, a month goes by and the page barely has any likes or followers. Or, the page has many followers but these followers are resistant to like any posts. By reading articles such as and many more, you can read up on the best way to gain likes on your posts. These tips and tricks will make sure that you are not one of those people, follow the tips below and to kick-start your engagement on Instagram with easy ways to get more likes and followers:

Taking quality pictures

This may seem like a given thing to do, but there is an alarming amount of people who unfortunately don’t give importance to this. High quality pictures does not mean you need to buy a DSLR worth hundreds of dollars for your Instagram to have good content. But what you should focus on is the lighting and whether the picture is in focus or not. Nowadays, almost all Smartphone have high quality cameras that will enable you to take some really great shots. The more aesthetically pleasing your pictures are, the more likes you will get.

Having a theme

This might sound like a lot of work, but having a consistent theme for your feed is one of the best ways for page to become more popular. This makes your account look visually pleasing, and also helps create an identity for your brand. A consistent theme will definitely help you gain more likes and followers because that is what Instagram is about these days.

Sharing your post on other social media platforms

Linking your accounts to Facebook and Twitter will bring in more traffic from these other social media pages. This helps increase traffic and the number of views on your page. If you have a personal blog, that is also a good place to share your Instagram page.

Buying likes

If you are looking for a fast way to rack up some likes, you can always choose to buy Instagram likes in bulk. You can find a number of packages to choose from that will suit your budget and needs. For example, if you are a small business selling clothing, you will want engagement on your posts with the items of clothing in. You could choose to buy automatic Instagram likes to boost your following, as when organic accounts view your popular post, they will be encouraged to support it too and therefore are more likely to make a purchase.

Hosting a giveaway

This is a quick and fun way to increase the amount of likes on your posts because everyone loves freebies. There are no hurdles to enter except for liking or commenting, which is why people engage in this because it takes no time whatsoever. You can ask your followers to like the giveaway post and some of your other previous post as a requirement to enter the competition. Something like “Like this picture and win…”

Posting pictures of animals

A picture of a cute furry animal along with a pun intended caption will guarantee a like and even a comment. The power of animal pictures and videos on Instagram cannot be underestimated. This will be a chance for you to post some lighter content compared to the normal stuff that you would usually post, and your followers would get to see a different side of your brand.