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How to Treat Your Employees at Christmas

Martin Castilla            No comments            Dec, 5

Christmas is the time for giving, so to avoid being a Scrooge this festive season, here are a few ways to show your employees you care:

1.      Go See a Broadway Show

If you work in a relatively small office, treating your fellow employees to a group outing to your nearest Broadway Theatre is a great choice. Just visit sites like for great options like White Christmas the Musical, a festive favorite for many.

2.      Exchange Gifts

Host a gift-exchange or ‘secret Santa’ so that everyone gets to give and receive a gift. Make sure everyone picks a name out of a hat, set the budget and have a Christmas Tree set up to leave gifts underneath.

3.      Christmas Sweater Day

If you want to encourage people to get into the Christmas spirit, slacken the uniform rules for the last week or day of work to let people wear their best (ugliest) Christmas sweaters.

4.      Have a Christmas Party

 A great way to celebrate is with a Christmas party, so that everyone can enjoy a glass of Prosecco and a mince pie together. Don’t forget the cheesy music too.

5.      Christmas Bonus

Everyone works hard all year-round, but Christmas makes a great opportunity to give out bonuses, especially as it’s the time of year when many people struggle more financially.

6.      Breakfast Buffet

Coming into the office on a cold, dark morning to be greeted with food is certainly a great way to perk everyone up. Buying breakfast for everyone is a treat that will be much appreciated.

7.      Coffee Hour

Sometimes it takes several cups of good coffee to make it through the late nights, so treating everyone to a coffee, or their preferred hot drink, will put smiles on faces.

8.      Christmas Dinner

Picking out a date for a reservation for Christmas dinner is a great idea, to spend valuable time with your employees outside of the busy office hours. Sitting down together for a meal is something everyone can enjoy.

9.      Leave Work Early

If it’s the last day, letting everyone finish early will end the day on a positive note. Much like the feeling of leaving school early on the last day, finishing up a workday earlier than normal is a great feeling.

10.   Volunteer

Swapping a regular workday with a chance to volunteer can warm everyone’s hearts. You and your employees can feel the positivity of giving to others; a brilliant use of teamwork.

11.   Food Swap

Encourage your employees to bring in home-made festive foods, so that everyone can get a taste of different kinds of festive favorites. Everyone has their own ideas about what makes the perfect meal and bringing in homemade goodies gives people the chance to share their favorite foods and try something new.

12.  Not Just Christmas

Whilst this list primarily mentions Christmas activities, not everybody celebrates Christmas. There are other important holidays to remember and celebrate during the festive season, so give appreciation to your employees who celebrate Hanukkah and Kwanzaa too!

Showing your employees that you care this holiday season keeps everyone in high spirits, including you. Getting all the work done and completed is important, but it’s also important to spread compassion too.