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How to Write and Format Your Resume in 2018

Martin Castilla            No comments            May, 17

If you look for the first job or try to make any career change, you can start the process with a perfect resume. There are many attributes you should consider when writing a resume as it is a document that has the ability to break or make your chance of receiving an interview. Most essentially, the structure and style of your resume is the primary attribute that appeals to recruiters and hiring managers. Resumes that visually look different have a better chance of catching a recruiter’s attention. These free resume samples are a good starting point to help you write your resume in a fresh style. If you want to know more steps to write a resume, you can read the following guidelines. They’re simple and smart tips to format and write your resume in without any difficulty.

  • Keep your resume concise

A single page resume is truly best, especially for individuals who have at least 5 years of experience. If you have more than 5 years of experience, you can opt for two pages and not more than that. The attention spans now continue to quickly shrink and hiring managers never pay more attention to wordy or long resumes. It is significant to keep the sentences short. Also, you can ensure that there are enough white spaces on every page for making the resume simple to read. You can use the best formation to attract recruiters towards the key points.

  • Keep the resume format conservative

Many people are trying to look unique by following a unique resume format or structure but in many cases, it is a big mistake. The hiring managers want to see your resume fast and notice the key details. Hence, you can avoid creating the functional resume.

  • Use the best stuff

You can ensure that the key selling points are actually communicated right front by developing a very compelling introduction and start with the headline which says about yourself and your target. Regardless of the information, you need to ensure that the resume introduction says hire me.

  • Smartly focus on impact and result

The recruiters do not like to read more of your fluffy stuff regarding yourself. Instead, they simply want to recognition if you are eligible to do the job for employers. The right way to show it to your recruiters is to create action-packed accomplishment and bullet points.

  • Add web links

Most essentially, you should own a completed and properly LinkedIn profile as well as a link. It is featured prominently on the resume. If the resume format is missing it, the hiring managers will think that you are still behind the times. Along with this, it will also hurt your possibilities of a job interview process. If you successfully have a better presence on Instagram, Twitter or other popular social media platforms, you can include these links as well. It is a new resume writing trick that will surely increase your chance to get the job interview.

Still, if you have any doubts about writing and formatting your resume, you can opt for resume templates. The best and simple resources help you to understand the new format of resume and follow it accordingly.