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How Your Blog Can Increase Your Sales

Martin Castilla            No comments            Aug, 22

The main reason to run a company blog is to get more traffic to your website and ultimately increase your sales. So, the big question to answer here is how to achieve it? The best answer is – by writing marketing blogs that your customers like and actually read. Once you grab their attention and build a trust in them about the information you share in your blog, the step to purchasing the products you offer is quite natural.

The approach to writing successful blogpost is useful regardless of the niche you have been working in – from selling natural stone tiles online to assisting people in need as a bankruptcy and foreclosure attorney. If your writing is engaging to the readers, then your products will be attractive to the customers.

If statistics is to be trusted people spend 3 times more time in internet reading blogs than mails and 61% of US online consumers have actually made a purchase based on blog recommendations. This is only to prove the great power blogs have. There are many ways how to monetize your blog but below you will find 3 easy hacks to attract more readers and ultimately increase your sales.

Use statistical data

People like numbers, rankings and reading statistics, especially when the information is presented in a funny way. Using infographics instead of boring charts or tables will surely spark interest. The best scenario is to find a reliable source providing favorable statistics concerning the product/service you offer. This will require a bit of a research on your site but the result is worth it. Never forget to link to the initial source, so that your customers know that the information is trustworthy and not something you have just made up in order to convince them of the supreme qualities of your goods.

Accurate and interesting information

You will have your blog posts read if they present accurate information and interesting facts. It may seem hard to find fresh topics to write about, since it looks that internet has it all and someone has already written about it. While this might be true, there are still places where you can find inspiration from. The best thing is to ask the customers you are actually writing for, what they are interested in. You can check what answers do people post regarding your product/service on social platforms and Q&A sites such as Quora, for example. You can find an interesting question to answer or to inspire your next topic. Or someone else’s answer can provoke you to dig deeper. Another trick is to establish your own database for questions, recommendations or suggestions. Thus, you can see what particularly interest your clients or what they struggle with and provide a clever solution in your blog. You can use the idea to promote the relevant products or services that can solve the most common issues people face. That will boost your sales dramatically.

Attractive article format

All the good ideas above, however, will not reach your target audience unless they are presented in the right format. There are several popular types of blogs that are loved by readers:

  • Listicles – users want to find a solution to their problem in “3 easy steps” or discover the “7 most efficient SEO tools” in just one post
  • Product reviews – the studies reveal that most of the online and in-store buyers decide whether to buy a certain product based on a review they have read
  • Sequences – if you decide to write a sequence of blog posts on a related topic or similar products you will win the readers. They got engaged and anticipate the next post. It is mandatory that you also stay committed to the task and produce a text from the series on the same day every week
  • Personal stories and interviews – this is a great format for a blog post because people are curious and like reading about the personal experience of others. It is great if you can give examples of how your product or service improved someone’s life or business.
  • Guides and how-to articles – this is a broad format that can be exploited in many ways. It is an easy way to answer the questions people are asking about a certain product or service. The source of inspiration of such articles can be the above-mentioned Q&A sites, social media or your own database with customer queries.

The combination of different types of articles will add to the diversity of your blog. It is, of course, also possible to commit to just one type and follow it thus creating consistency for your readers. Be aware, however, that you might run out of ideas. Therefore, it is best if you stick to one main format and add a listicle or interview every Monday, for example.

The conclusion is that increasing sales through writing high quality interesting blog posts is absolutely possible as long as you aim at creating content that your clients want to read.