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Importance of First Impressions: Why Visual Designs Matter

Martin Castilla            No comments            Dec, 4

How your home or office space appears will play a major role in how others view you. According to research, it takes nearly 1/10th of a second to make an impression about a person. Like it or not, judgments are based on the visual appearance – whether it is on the person, place, or online space.

How you present your space says a lot about you and your company. By creating a great first impression, you will gain a high reputation, retain clients, and gain even more. Additionally, finding the right interior designer will promote a maintained office space and improve overall productivity.

Stay Neat and Clean

A tidy presentation of your space is vital for creating a good impression. While this might seem like a no-brainer, many offices forget this golden rule. A neutral color scheme in the office provides a broad appeal and a sense of calmness in the space.

Investing in reliable building services providers will allow you to provide your staff and clients with a safe, clean, and working environment. Don’t forget to clean the facilities that might be used by visitors and clients. Also, be sure to pay attention to the upkeep of the paint, flooring, and plaster in the office. Over time, the visual appeal will slowly begin to degrade without proper care.

Provide Ease of Access

Let’s say a visitor comes to your office unexpected. As a valued guest, they should be well cared for to make them feel comfortable. Make it easy for your clients to find you by ensuring that your company is in a distinctive area that is easily spotted.

Consider the interior signs in areas your clients will likely visit. Include signage for meeting rooms, emergency exits, restrooms, receptions, and break areas. Not only does this create a stable organization in the workplace, your employees will be grateful when privacy is needed.

Take Advantage of Plants

Indoor plants in the office space provide a variety of benefits. When well-maintained, plants are not only pleasing to the eye, but also help to improve air quality, reduce stress, and make the rooms feel more comfortable.

Studies from the University of Exeter show that “green” offices make the staff happier and ultimately more productive. This also shows that you care about the overall well-being and respect nature. Encourage employees to keep plants at their desk.

Quality care and maintenance in the office is crucial to influencing the way clients perceive you and how well your company deals with their assets.  When money is spent on maintenance, it is rarely wasted. There are plenty of ways to present your company in the best possible light.