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Introducing Aartzy

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jun, 1

We are at a day and age where most of us, at some point were/are confined to our homes, making purchases online seems the new norm. But, how reliable is it to purchase Art online? There are plenty of online platforms available today but what makes some standout from the rest?

Introducing Aartzy, begun just 2.5 years ago, it is an e-commerce platform which sells paintings, sculptures and digital prints. Based in Canada, Aartzy, managed to bag the ‘Art Store of the Year’ award for the 2020/2021 period. This was offered by ‘The Corporate Livewire Canada Prestige Awards’, recognizing small and medium scale businesses in Canada and the effectivity and success of their operations.

Aartzy is the brain child of Janaka Perera, a Marketer with many years of experience in Business administration. He identified the dire need in the Sri Lankan market for a platform for local artists to sell their works. Our local artists who are as talented as any international artist, often display their art on road sides and hope beyond the impossible that someone will buy their pieces. Janaka realized the immense talent, the lack of representation and the struggle they face and took upon himself to create a business and an opportunity for our local artists.  

Purchasing art online is a somewhat new concept for Sri Lanka, but globally, the market is one with the best growth. The current online art market doubled its value over the last 2 years from $6 to $12 billion (2019/2020).  And Aartzy has established itself at the most opportune time giving artists who would otherwise need to depend on tourists who are scarce due to the pandemic and the small local market available, a new hope.

Aartzy is not just an e-commerce website which sells art. It is a platform which takes our Sri Lankan talent international. This in turn gives our artists the due recognition, the opportunity and resources needed to create exquisite art. Janaka believes that engaging in their respective crafts and improving their work should be the responsibility of the artists. Marketing and selling should be left to professionals who can do a much successful job. The operation of Aartzy is very simple, it acts as an intermediary between an artist and the buyer, just like any other online platform.

This curated website gives the buyer and the artist a fair space to both display and purchase art respectively. With the international award, many artists have approached Aartzy to display their work. While the main aim is to focus on Sri Lankan artists, they have made provision for some international artists as well. 

What would you generally look at when making a decision to purchase art? And why is Aartzy evidently the platform to visit?

If you are to visit the website,  you will find the categories from paintings, sculptures to ornaments. They are further subcategorized by the types of paintings, the mediums, technique and prints available. The choices are unlimited with the extensive collection of art on display. This provides an easy and clear path of selection.

Most often, if you visit a gallery you will find art on display sans the pricing. This makes it difficult to fathom if the piece you admire falls within your budget. On Aartzy, all pieces are clearly and competitively priced marked. There is an option to price filter and items are categorized within several price ranges as well. The shipping cost is included in most products and the team is readily available to answer all your questions clearly.

All purchases are dispatched with a certificate of authenticity, thereby confirming the original work of the artist. Aartzy reconfirms that all creations are hand-made by individual artists and guarantees that the wait for the piece to be delivered is definitely worth it. Whilst many other online platforms require a significantly higher percentage from each sale, a commission of 18% is charged by Aartzy which according to Janaka is a highly profitable arrangement for an artist partnering with us. While the need to generate revenue is necessary, Janaka does not believe in doing so at the expense of the artist nor the buyer. They make sure it is a win-win situation for all parties. Artists who are already partnered with Aartzy are grateful for Janaka and his team as they have been able to reach a greater audience and make their presence felt through the platform.

Aartzy also delivers worldwide through trusted courier partners thereby giving its buyers from all corners of the world to purchase beautiful art without any hassle!

All the information from ordering online to payments, duration of delivery is clearly mentioned on the website making the process very user friendly. Over time Aartzy has been able to sell hundreds of art and have many returning customers which is a clear indication of the reliable service and the wonderful work Janaka and his team carries out behind the curtain.

Janaka believes that their commitment and professional approach towards the business has been imperative in sustaining the operation even through turbulent times and achieving international recognition at such a young age. Aartzy has truly been a beacon of hope for Sri Lankan artists.