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Is hair loss ruining your life?

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jul, 21

There is no doubt that hair loss can affect your life but it definitely does not have to ruin it. It’s hard to watch the hairline receding as it becomes thinner and thinner until one day you see your scalp. With hair often described as one’s crowning glory, it can be a hit to self-esteem and confidence to see it disappear.  

The good news  

There is good news however. Despite the embarrassment of the loss, there are so many options in the marketplace to either disguise the problem or scientifically deal with the problem. Some individuals don’t care about hair loss but for those who do, there is really good help out there.

I have read stories of people who have stopped leaving their houses, they felt so bad. Being on camera is a big no. It’s like they want to hide away from mainstream society, but let me tell you, there is no need to.

Scientists have the knowledge you need

Scientists are constantly researching, designing and formulating products to halt hair loss. It all starts with a healthy scalp. Yes, there are plenty of fads that have come and gone that many have tried without much success, but with advances in technology, now is the time to seek the right help.

Why should hair loss ruin your life when huge advances are being made, particularly at a scientific level? The approach is to analyze what your hair needs internally as well as externally, then to follow a well-researched hair care regimen and you can reap the rewards.

You are not alone

High numbers of both men and women suffer from hair loss so I can guarantee you, you are not alone! Think of this, at some stage in their lives, up to 65% of men compared to 75% of women will experience hair loss at some level. For many women, it can be extra difficult whereas for men, it is more socially acceptable. I think most of us understand that excessive stress and sickness can be a contributing factor, but for others, there seems to be no apparent reason. For young people, it can be particularly hard, with peer pressure and fashion trends promoting the whole idea of how they should look.  

There are solutions available

In Britain these days, there are companies such as the Fitzrovia Centre  that specialize in a scientific approach to hair. All their products are 100% British manufactured without the harmful substances that are used in many well-known brands of haircare products. If you research you will find case studies which will help you in your decision-making. Companies that are there to really help are now able to offer flexible plans which makes the entire process more financially accessible. You can join clubs where you can get significant price discounts for those products you will use regularly in your day to day regime.


Taking the first step is often the hardest, but if you do, hair loss doesn’t have to ruin your life. You may be nervous picking up the phone, but go ahead and get on your road to recovery.