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Looking to Earn the Big Bucks – Tips and Advice That Will Earn You a Bigger Pay Check

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jun, 19

There are a lot of determining factors that go into making a job “perfect” for each individual. When looking for Employment Services Ottawa, you need to make sure they understand what type of job you’re looking for and what your biggest motivation is for it. Is it money? The company? Do you want to help others? What may seem like a satisfying, rewarding, and high-grossing job to one person just may not cut it for the next. It’s all very personal, and it can also change throughout your lifetime as your own likes, dislikes, strengths, and expectations become clearer. For many people, a big part of job satisfaction comes down to the pay check.

If you aren’t earning enough, it can make your personal life rather stressful, which then affects you mentally and physically. Those who feel they are being compensated fairly in their work can seem happier, more relaxed, and just more satisfied than those who are under-paid. If you are in a job that just isn’t earning you the big bucks at the moment, and you find it takes a real toll on you in both your personal and work life, then it’s time to make some changes.

Here we’ll examine advice and tips that will help you turn things around, and help you to earn more money in the long-run.

Are You Due for a Raise?

Sometimes drastic change isn’t necessary at all, rather it is just time to ask for a raise. Often employers don’t walk around offering up raises to whoever they see, rather it is up to the employee to prove themselves and then ask for a raise.

There are a handful of signs that employees can watch for that will help them to determine if indeed they are deserving of a raise. These include such things as taking on a greater level of responsibility versus what you originally had when you took the job; if your skill set is garnering higher pay by other companies and employers; you are contributing to increasing the company’s revenue or you have been responsible for launching into new markets or new products (building the company); you are currently getting paid below the national average in that position; and you always hit your goals and even manage to surpass them on a regular basis.

Each of these reasons makes for a great argument in terms of why you deserve that pay raise. The best advice is to set up a meeting with your boss and discuss your current salary and lay out why you deserve more. If your boss turns you down, then it may be time to find a new job.

Widen and Better Your Skills

Then there are times where you’d love to be earning more money but your current skillset has you stuck in somewhat of a rut. There will be times in life where you need to make that leap and maybe enroll in training courses, refresh your skills, look into taking on more responsibility, try volunteering to beef up your resume, etc. There are always ways that you can better yourself and make yourself more marketable to employers.

Investigate the Top Paying Careers Out There

Of course, a very straightforward way to start earning more money is to ensure that you’re in a career that offers high-salary potential. If you have set your sights on a career path that isn’t exactly known for paying well, then you need to readjust your expectations or look into a different job. So, what are some of the highest paying jobs out there? There is a handful that requires different types of educational backing, training, skills, and experience.

Take, for example, the area of quality assurance. A quality assurance director can expect to make on average $119,000 per year. In this job, you’d be the one setting up the quality and reliability standards through plenty of investigation and data collection. From there, you’d be making sure that all staff – engineers, technicians, and production operators – follow the standards you have set forth and ensure that quality is met at all times.

You would likely need to do the recruiting, hiring, and training in terms of quality control inspectors. For this position, a Masters in Operations Management from a school like Kettering University Online would set you up with the training, information, and backing you’d need to succeed. This degree takes the traditional MBA one step further, and provides you with even more knowledge, thereby increasing your odds of getting hired.

Other top paying careers include orthodontists with an average yearly salary of $225,760; anesthesiologists with an average salary of $267,020; chief executives with an average salary of $200,140; dentists with an average salary of $156,240; architecture and engineer managers with an average salary of $148,970; and information systems managers with an average salary of $152,860.

Look into Freelancing

Perhaps you have reached a stage in your career where you are maxed out salary wise, and other than the cost of living yearly increase, there is no huge increase in your future. For some, there is no desire to change careers, maybe they like their job in spite of the salary, so this means you need to find other sources of income. That solution could be freelancing.

Freelancing is an opportunity for you to be your own boss, offer up your services to the clients of your choosing, and be in control of your own career destiny. Part-time freelancing can be done in your off-hours and provide you with that supplemental income that makes life a whole lot easier and more comfortable.

In terms of what you can do with freelancing, it’s really about picking your strengths. What are you good at? What do you have the most experience in? Now how can you market that to clients? Some of the most popular freelance jobs include writers/bloggers, editors, web designers, graphic designer, PR consultant, transcriber, administrative support officer or customer support, and a marketing consultant.

Take Control of Your Financial Future

Each of these tips and pieces of advice will help you to get on track and really take control of your financial future when it comes to your career. There is no reason that you need to settle for a job in which you feel under-paid when there are ways to make changes.