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Must-Have Items For The Newly Engaged and The Bride

Martin Castilla            No comments            May, 26

Now that you are engaged, there is a reason to celebrate the occasion, but you are not done yet. It is even more reason to tell all your friends about it and start planning an engagement party. There are so many things involved in planning an engagement party.

There are so many things to shop for. However, you have to first write a ìto do list so you can be on point and get the most essential things. Being engaged is the easy part, but planning the party is another. The first headache is knowing who to put on the guest list and making sure who to sit them with. For example, you don’t want to sit your extra Conservative Uncle with your trans sugar baby bestie. 

Don’t be afraid to consider the closest friends and family members, but try not to overdo it because it can get costly. Let us help you start on the right footing by making some suggestions on what to do and the items you need. It can get overwhelming and so you should try to get one thing done at a time. 

Sharing Happy Memories

Now that you are happy with your engagement proposition, you also have to prepare for that big day when you will be husband and wife. You can skip the engagement party, but it is a nice way to celebrate your engagement and so, if you can afford it, by all means, you should.It is an exciting opportunity to have where you can create some amazing memories to add to your wedding day memories.

Of course, you would want to share these memories with friends and family. Do not forget to include some fun stuff to do before you tie the knot privately such as visiting a squirt gay site where you can enjoy a peep show and get your groove on. It is a great way to kick off everything. Save the rest of your fun memories for your bachelorette party. 

Getting Organized

You can think of so many things to shop for, as you are organizing your two big days. It could be a ring box or a safe to put your jewelry in. It could be calling up various wedding planners to help you plan your engagement party and wedding day.

Your list should also include your dress for the engagement party, bridal shower, and your wedding day as well as your honeymoon. So many things need to be ironed out before you take those wedding vows. Solicit help from friends and family, even if you have a wedding planner.

This will help to reduce the stress and the challenge of getting everything done in time. With a list of things written down, you can go through each item and check off the ones that you have done, making it easier for you. 

Take a Bubble Bath

Treat yourself to a bubble bath with oatmeal milk and honey. It will help to relax you, something that you would need to calm you down after having so many things to do. In addition to being relaxing, the bubble bath is good for your skin, to keep it healthy. Avoid buying those cheaper bubble baths that have artificial coloring because they can be quite irritating to the skin. 

Buy An Instant Camera

If you want to save those unique moments during your engagement party, buy one of those instant cameras at your local drug store or department store. You can also use the camera at your cake tasting, when you are going to try on wedding dresses, and when you go on your honeymoon. You will have lots of photos for your scrapbook and album to share for years to come. 

The Ring Box

Every couple needs a ring box so it can be kept safe while on their honeymoon or if you are going to be doing household chores around the house. You can keep it in a safe or on your night table. In a ring box, it won’t get lost. 

The Wedding Planner

If you are finding it overwhelming to plan everything, it is best that you hire a wedding planner to help you get organized. If you cannot hire one, then purchase a planner so you can keep track of everything, including the guest list. Ask family and friends to help you with the planning. 

Couple’s Massage

As newly engaged, you are already a couple and so, you can take time to go do a couple’s massage. After the massage, go out to a romantic dinner or just stay at a hotel or resort for a weekend. The time you spend together before everything gets hectic with planning will be a big help to your relationship. 

Dress For Bridal Shower 

Of course, every bride is always going to be interested in having a bridal shower. Therefore, on your shopping list, you should add a bridal shower dress in your favorite color. You can choose a white dress, but blue is OK too. 

Outfit for Rehearsal Dinner 

Many brides choose white to wear at the rehearsal dinner. However, you do not have to choose that color and you can choose to wear a jumpsuit, casual dress, or pant suit, whichever is your preference. Make sure that the rehearsal dinner offers lots of group fun for you and your guests. 

Groom Gift

Add a gift for the groom to your list. It is usually a watch or a box filled with sentiments that only you and the groom know about. You could also buy a tie that he can wear to work. He will always remember you when he wears it. 

Wedding Day Robe

Every bride has a wedding day robe for when she is getting ready for the big day. However, she can also use it for getting ready for the engagement party too. Make sure to get one that you can also wear on your honeymoon and even after the wedding. 

Outfits for the Honeymoon

It doesn’t matter where you are going for your honeymoon. You should always start planning early so you can have the right outfits to take with you such as jumpsuits, rompers, swimsuits, fancy dresses for dinner, and that outfit to go on different activities. There is a wide variety of options, but you have to plan early.