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North Wales – The Best Setting to Perfect Your Landscape Photography

Martin Castilla            No comments            Sep, 22

Well actually the portrait photographer will also have just as much opportunity to perfect their craft in what is a very beautiful corner of the world in North Wales, but for the landscape photographer, you might feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven! There is just so much to capture and once you get going you might find it really hard to stop for a bite to eat or even to explore some of the many, many attractions available in the region.

North Wales makes for the perfect setting for the landscape photographer to perfect their skill as a result of the rolling landscapes which are so diverse that whoever will be viewing your snaps might even question whether or not you in actual fact shot pictures in the same region.

Working on your focusing technique

You can get started right out the starting blocks with regards to perfecting your focusing technique, with the North Wales region littered with many landmarks and objects that can be used as focal points. Focus on one of many iconic and historic castles for example, with an advanced focusing technique perhaps taking the form of trying to highlight one castle building out of many which are sometimes located in very close proximity to each other.

Working on your exposure

There’ll be plenty of opportunities to try and perfect your exposure technique as well, with the various elements and the manner in which they interact with the weather conditions offering enough of a challenge to any landscape photographer who is serious about developing their craft. The sun seems to move across the landscape quickly in this region, so you can go from working with full light to low-light conditions within a matter of mere minutes.

Capturing motion

Hit one or more of the beaches and you’ll enjoy ample opportunity to work on your motion-capturing technique, with various water sports and other outdoor activities never failing to draw an eager crowd. Challenge yourself to capture the perfect shot of a kite-surfer for example, perhaps after practising a bit with the action trail of a rafter or some canoeing enthusiasts.

Capturing the mood (weather)

If your equipment is weather resistant then you’ll be in for a royal treat by way of the many opportunities to capture the essence of the region’s mood. For instance, it may be hard to depict the somewhat gloomy mood brought on by the rain which is pummelling one or more of the holiday cottages beautifully nestled within the rolling landscape, but if you can catch some of the raindrops with your lens then that could perhaps be one way of capturing the mood.

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Otherwise, when the sun is shining fully, it’s a lot easier to capture what is a much lighter mood.

Telling a photographic story

North Wales boasts a long and intriguing history which encompasses some of the activities of the medieval times as well, something which presents the landscape photographer with some unique opportunities to tell one of the many stories of the region through the likes of castle ruins, well-preserved castles and even something like the apparent war between the region’s modern development and the preservation of its ancient roots.