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Overcoming SME Digital Marketing Challenges Today. Here’s How

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jun, 27

Owing to the fact that most countries benefit from the proceeds of SMEs, this class of business owners should continue to succeed seamlessly. However, where they face challenges with one of the biggest marketing tools in today’s world, there will be some limitations. Digital marketing is known to be one of the best tools for marketing, and not getting it right means lower Return on Investment(ROI).

From recent research conducted by ‘’, a good number of SMEs had challenges with their digital marketing tactics and few were totally oblivious of the benefits it gives. With the solutions proffered below, as a SME owner, you should stay informed and start reaping the benefits you deserve.

  1. Ability to generate traffic and turn them to leads

Generating web traffic and turning them to leads has only one answer; ‘taking SEO seriously’. Where you are not experienced, please contact and contract your SEO to an expert. Getting optimized triples whatever traffic you may already have, because with great SEO, your site will always remain on the first page of search engines. Also, have you thought about Pay Per Click (PPC)marketing? it is also a great way to generate traffic. This entails paying for the number of clicks on an advertisement that directed a visitor to your website. With millions of businesses benefitting from incorporating PPC for franchises into their digital marketing practices, they will have seen a vast difference in their site traffic, further establishing why you should decide to give it a go yourself so you can guarantee success in the long run. But there are so many more things that you can try too. Other ways include consistent social media activity and content marketing. Try getting an expert that understands your needs, who will be able to work with you for a long-term period, that way, you should be able to get some discounts due to the relationship you build.

  1. Inability to turn leads into Customers

In order to turn your leads into loyal customers, alongside your SEO, you should add consistent E-mail marketing to the top of your list. E-mail marketing should be used frequently by SMEs as it has a huge track record of generating customers, says Robert Allen of ‘smartinsights’.

3.Inability to retain loyal customers

For the sustainability of any business, there must be an array of loyal customers and daily efforts to generate new ones. Develop great Customer relationship in the minds of prospective customers through testimonials on your website. For example, it could be as simple as a customer who suffered some dissatisfaction with your products and services, but with the timely intervention of your good will, he was turned from a grumbling customer to a happy one. A good social media strategy for your business can help augment communications. In the business world, it is impossible to please everyone, so we must be ever-ready to fill in the gap when the unexpected occurs. Happy customers will blow your trumpet for you by sharing your posts on social media channels.

4.Shortage of time and resources

Time is Money, so is the popular saying. SME owners rarely get enough time for digital marketing as they wear many hats. Where this is a problem, you should either hire a digital marketing executive with the salary you can afford or you outsource it to an agency. If your resources are not enough for this, then, you can start with the free platforms like social media and E mail marketing. You can easily create a free blog or website where all the necessary marketing tools will be present, such as the testimonial mentioned in point 4 above.

Having being equipped with this information, there’s nothing stopping you, start increasing your ROI now.