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People who move may also need to ship a car

Martin Castilla            No comments            May, 7

If you have got yourself a new home somewhere far and need to move, one big challenge that can come up is moving your car with you. It is a very complicated task for everyone. For people that like to collect cars, it is much more tiring work to do. The task is much harder when you need to ship the cars overseas, in case you are moving to a new country. So how do you ship a car? What finances are you going to need and what is the process of shipping a car overseas? In this article, we have covered everything in detail for you so read on to find out.

Firstly, should you ship your car while moving around in the same country? Yes, you might need to. Mainly when you have more than one car it can be a lot of hassle for you to move them all together by yourself. Another downside of driving your car across the country is adding miles to your car which reduces its resale value as well. These are the few main reasons why you should consider shipping your car even while you move in the same country. 

Is selling your car an option if you are moving?

If you have multiple cars or even one car, it is always an option to sell them before you move. This will lighten up your load a bit as well. When you move to a new state, you would also need to get your car registered there and if your car is not in really good shape then it can be a bit hard to achieve certification. It is best to sell your car and just buy a new one in your new state that you are moving to. The need for the type of vehicle you use in your current location might change when you move to a newer one, you might not need the pickup truck you have right now over there and it is just a wise decision to sell it off and buy a new one in your new place.

How can you move your car?

There are three methods of moving your car, driving it to your new location, moving it with your other items, or hiring a professional auto mover to move your car. 

Driving it to your new location: This option might turn out to be very expensive for you, the fuel you are gonna need and all the taxes you would have to pay if you are moving a large distance from your old place to your new one. Also, one other disadvantage of driving your car to move it is that you will be adding a lot of miles to your car which reduces insurance value as well as the resale value of the car.

Moving it with your other items: You can always choose to move your car with the other items of your household. You would just need to load up your car in the van with your other stuff. But this option can be quite expensive for you because movers tend to charge you based on the weight of items you are moving as well as the distance you are going to move it to. Your car would be a really heavy item to move and you would have to count a lot of money to move it this way. 

Hiring a professional auto mover to move your car: This is the best option available for you if you are looking to move your car over a long distance. Auto movers are companies that specialize in moving automobiles with utmost care. They will move your car in large trucks that are specially designed to hold cars while on the road. You’d be charged much less compared to movers and the other options available as well. 

Auto movers charge you based on the distance they are going to ship the car to, the make of your car, the size, and what offers you would like to request from the hauler company. Services range from the insurance provided and also getting an enclosed truck for more safety. If you are looking to move your car using this option, you can learn more from Moving Estimates. 

What do you need to know before choosing an auto mover?

Before you go on to choose a mover it is important that you do thorough research on their services. Ask them a lot of questions until you are sure of their services. Go on to check reviews online or from people who might have taken services from that company before. You should ask for certification that will show that your car would have full insurance coverage while it is being moved so in case of any damage, you will be reimbursed. Make sure there is a properly written contract between the company and you and read it to confirm that the clauses are correct. Lastly, make sure that the company uses their own trucks rather than being the middle man between haulers and you.