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Pests – The Uninvited Guests At Home

Martin Castilla            No comments            Dec, 20

All of us at some point in time have uninvited guests visiting ou home and sharing our space. These aren’t human guests, but pests that are nothing less than a headache. Right from the smallest fruit flies to spiders, cockroaches, and lizards, there are many pests that enter into our homes without our knowledge and carry in pathogens that affect our health and hygiene. Pests are so prevalent in our homes that it is, in fact, incredibly lucrative to start a pest control business and remove pests for people who are unwilling to touch them. Many people are scared of spiders, for example, so you can make a lot of money by removing them for a price. If you aren’t so bothered by them though, you can easily do it yourself. Here is a list of DIY techniques that could be used to naturally repel pests.


The arachnoids live in many houses and build their nests in the corners and untouched spaces. The cobwebs add on to a lot of dust accumulation and make the house look untidy. Apart from this, there are spiders called the black widow and recluse that bring in sickness with every bite. These spiders are found in the US and it is a necessity to keep them away with spider pest control methods. Regular removal of cobwebs and using naturally made repellent pouches would inhibit their breeding at your homes.


Houseflies are best known as the transporter of germs and disease-causing microbes. These fast-paced insects are often ignored as they do not bite or sting, however, they are the transmitters of life-taking diseases like cholera, typhoid, and anthrax. They sit on debris, food and all the clean and unclean stuff and make everything unhygienic. The best way to eradicate them from your space is to use natural scented pest control pouches.


Mosquitoes are man’s greatest enemy that does not go away until it has its share of blood. With every bite, the transmit a million pathogens that make room for deadly diseases like dengue, malaria, and others.


Cockroaches – both winged and unwinged are the worst pests that one could deal with. They reproduce at a very quick pace, taste our foodstuff and make it unhygienic. They live in chambers and unclean places that are also a room for a million of disease-causing germs. Homes and groceries are places where they infest in and keeping them away is mandatory for a healthy lifestyle. You can use naturally derived pest repellent sprays or roaches pest control pouches to eradicate these creatures.


Ants sense the aroma of food – especially sweets and in a couple of hours, you will be having a colony of them as guests. While black ants do not cause much harm other than depositing E-coli bacteria on the food, the stings from red ants are unbearable and cause inflammation. These sting the pets at home and make room for a lot of discomforts. The termites that belong to the same ant family thrive on the furniture wood and destroy them. If you need to keep these bugs away from your surroundings, you can get the help of pest control professionals like Economy Exterminators.


Apart from spreading deadly diseases like plague, rats are a nuisance to mankind. It is considered as “Baker’s Enemy”, because of the destruction it makes room for. Rats and mice of all shapes and sizes spread diseases, chew and nibble down food and furniture at home and loiter around the space passing feces. Mice repellent pouches are a must-have in every home you need to keep surroundings clean and all the doors closed during dusk and night.

Bed bugs

These minute bloodsuckers enter your home, grow into colonies in your furniture and thrive on your blood giving you itchy bed bug bites and sleepless days and nights. They could enter your house in any way but you need to make sure that there is no home for these tiny beings. Bring home pest repellent pouches that have lavender and peppermint oil as ingredients. Bed bugs cannot stand the scent of the fragrance emitted by them and either leave your home or die. However, if you’re finding that the infestation of bed bugs has been spreading and impacting your families sleep and health, then it will be a much better idea to look at a website similar to to have your bed bugs professionally exterminated.

Ticks and Fleas

These tiny pests that love to have your pet’s blood for dinner enter your home along with your pet and inhabit almost everywhere. Apart from spreading diseases and irritation to your animals, it starts to thrive on you as well. The best way to keep them off is to keep your dogs clean and hygienic at all times.

As suggested by the article, these pests can prove to be the reasons for a number of life-taking diseases. The best way to keep them aways is to cast away stagnant water. You can also hang some naturally derived pest control pouches in the corners of the house to keep them away. The pouches are better than sprays and are long-lasting.