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Popularity of Online slots among young adults explained

Martin Castilla            No comments            Aug, 24

Since slots became available not only to play online but to play on slot apps and mobile phones, they have become even more popular than ever before across the board, but they are now particularly popular with younger demographics who are the most tech-savvy. It’s easy to see why pay by mobile slots are appealing to players, they are fun-filled, fast-paced and can be accessed easily.

Ever since slot machines were first available to play in casinos they have been a popular past-time for gamblers, however, in recent years they have had more appeal – and here’s why! 

The age of the Internet 

It’s safe to say that the Internet has completely transformed the way we live our everyday lives, from the way we shop and spend to the way we socialise and entertain ourselves. Gambling habits have changed with the internet and as new technology began to emerge and become readily available, more players than ever chose to play their casino favourites. The Internet especially appealed to the younger generations.  

With the age of the Internet was also born the age of convenience and people soon became accustomed to accessing entertainment 24/7 and the Internet meant people could enjoy their favourite slots from the comfort of their own home. Young people especially have grown up being able to instantly access information, entertainment and have everything at their fingertips, at the touch or the button or a quick swipe, so it’s really no wonder online slots and slots apps have become incredibly popular with the more tech-savvy generations. Young people are usually never without a mobile phone in their hand, so it is easier than ever for them to play a game of slots via an online casino or slot app.  

Social Media 

Recent studies have shown that social media is having a profound effect on the gaming industry, giving younger generations the opportunity to migrate to online slots via social casinos. Social media has always been popular with young adults and as social media platforms transformed and technology advanced, users were able to play games on social media platforms which have been named social casino games. 

Social casino games are becoming increasingly popular with young adults and some studies have shown that out of a group of 10,000 students in a Canadian university, almost 10% of the students enjoyed social casino games.

Of those players who enjoy social games on social media platforms many then went onto play and gamble real money in online slots after they experienced the fun and thrill of playing social games – with many students between the ages of 18–24 playing online slots more than two times per month to keep themselves entertained and for the chance of striking it lucky. 

What’s the appeal of slots for young adults? 

The main motivations for playing online slots was because they were a great way to keep yourself entertained and to relieve boredom like when you’re on a long bus commute to and from work or on your lunch break and need to unwind, as well as the appeal of being able to win money whilst having fun.