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Re-Visiting the True Essence of Design

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jul, 19

In some instances it’s a case of the human-form manifestation of a broken clock, with designers who go on to realise some great success not really doing so on the back of a solid foundation of the correct design principles. I guess we could say that the principles go on to work for them so it’s in a sense okay on that front, but that still doesn’t make them correct when we consider what the true essence of design is all about.

Before I fully lay into the discussion of what the true essence of design is all about, a topic which is effectively being revisited in this particular blog since I’ve previously touched on it, I should perhaps explore the other side of the equation a bit – the side that has designers falling buttocks-backwards into some major success.

Again, I guess in the end it’s okay because it tends to work for them by way of career success and the financial success to go with it, but that still doesn’t make it right by way of the true essence of design. So what happens is that during the learning process the typical mainstream designer goes through their design education driven by the prospect of landing paying-work. Usually that’s the main reason or sometimes even the only reason, so what they learn by way of their subject matter could be focussed on superficial concepts of design.

For example, if you’re contemplating completing some course in graphic design, you would probably be forgiven for seeking to go with the cheapest one on offer if it was aimed at a specific sector of graphic design like digital logos, this of course if you were pretty much guaranteed a job with some graphic design company. While this route indicatively has its place, as is the case with the explained example, if on the other hand you were rather interested in learning the true essence of design, you would be seeking to do so via much richer subject matter.

I.e. the digital graphic design itself would just be an iteration of the underlying design principles that stay true to the essence of what design is all about.

Now as suggested by our website/blog over here, our focus is more on the digital iteration of design, but make no mistake about the fact that we are totally clued up about what the true essence of design is. Even our best web designer for example has a design background which stretches beyond the digital realm, drawing on their deep-running interior design knowledge to represent the true essence of design in any of their work, including web design.

So if we had to design shoes for missionaries for example, we would probably draw inspiration from the likes of Mission Shoe by Kaiback, simply because their mission shoes follow design principles which are based on the true essence of what design is all about. That’s meeting a certain need and meeting it well, but it doesn’t hurt if what you are designing is easy on the eye as well.