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Refresh Your Home with a Mesmerizing Scandinavian Bathroom

Martin Castilla            No comments            Feb, 8

You’re looking to remodel your bathroom, or perhaps even add another one to your home, but aren’t quite sure about the route to take? Some people like doing projects like this themselves and will do all the installation and tiling without help. If you’re one of these people then Read Carl’s guide to tile leveling systems to make sure all your tiles are perfectly placed. Others prefer hiring renovators to do the work for them because they’re not as DIY savvy. Either way, you need to make sure you have a design in mind before changing anything. So, why not try out the Scandinavian style? Scandinavian décor is a very popular trend, and it has especially gained traction when it comes to bathrooms. We’re not surprised at its popularity – after all, it’s gorgeous. If you don’t know whether this is the right trend for you, read on and find out!

What is Scandinavian décor?

Scandinavia has played a big role on the international design scene since the middle of the 20th century. In fact, if you picture what is cemented in your mind as furniture from the 1950s, you are most likely imagining pieces that belong to the Danish Modern school of interior design. Many pieces from this period have become iconic and emblemetic of the entire decade. Although Scandinavian design has never lost its appeal, it has been on a steep upward slope again during the past decade.

What are the characteristics?

Scandinavian design is universally appealing. It can be described as a very clean, minimalist style. Nowadays, when more and more people are turning to a minimalist philosophy, and looking to declutter their lives, Scandinavian style is bang on trend. It is characterized by quality materials, plenty of natural light, and eco-friendly solutions.

The color scheme

Scandinavian bathrooms are all about neutral color palettes. Very often the whole bathroom is completely white, including the fixtures and furniture. Such simple bathrooms are usually dominated by beautiful bathtubs. There can also be other neutral colors, for instance shades of beige, off-white, grey, sand and pale blue. Some bathrooms feature black details, for instance fixtures such as faucets. The general vibe of the bathroom is discrete, muted and very soothing.

The premium materials

Natural materials are an important aspect. Popular choices include reclaimed wood as well as glass and ceramic tiles. When it comes to floors, surprisingly, tiles are not first choice. Rugs are also out of the question. Scandinavian design dictates that floors should be made of wood. For those with a lower budget, laminate will also work. You can keep the floor in the same neutral shade as the rest of the bathroom, or create a contrast by using darker wood. Wood floors do need a bit more care, since they are more sensitive than tile, but they’re worth it. Alternatively, glass tiles are another stunning option. In general, when it comes to the materials you use, always opt for the natural and sustainable solution.

Let in the light

Scandinavian design is very much about creating a harmonious relationship with nature. In a way, with its accent on sustainability, natural materials and light colors, it seems almost like the goal is to let a bit of the natural world into your home. Daylight is a very important tool in that mission. Natural light accentuates the textures that might not stand out otherwise because of the simplistic, minimalist color palette. If you are doing a remodel or building a new bathroom, make sure there is at least one window. Generally, when it comes to windows, the more, the better. If you only have one, and particularly if it’s not very big, try to maximize the effects by using a mirror in a strategic position. A well-positioned mirror will refract the daylight and make the entire bathroom look more open and spacious. This is also a great trick to use if your bathroom is small and you don’t want it to look cramped.

Modern fixtures

Forget about gaudy fixtures if you’re going Scandinavian. The fixtures are characterized by premium quality and gorgeous but simple design. Clean, smooth lines and surfaces are the true embodiment of the style. The trend of hanging them or suspending them so that they don’t touch the floor is very popular in Scandinavian-style bathrooms. Eco trends and green solutions are a big part of the movement. Any eco-friendly solutions are welcome – for instance, motion sensor taps, low-flow showerheads and toilets, and tankless water heaters. And if you are really considering modern fixtures for your bathroom, then this might be the right time to closely inspect your bathroom pipes and drains for any leaks or clogs. You surely would not want to install a sophisticated fixture amidst a messed-up washroom, would you? So, why not first call a plumber like AC Plumbing (if you are interested in availing their services, then you can search for Brisbane plumber online) and inspect your pipes and drains?

And regarding this Scandinavian decor, perhaps you can’t afford to fly for a visit to the beautiful far north of Europe. However, you can bring a piece of that culture to your own home through design.