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Search Engine Optimisation for Financial Advisors

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jul, 15

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation or ‘SEO’ is an umbrella term for a set of digital marketing strategies and content creation methods which, properly utilised, allow you to organically grow the amount of traffic to your webpage – without the need for expensive sponsored advertisements. As a financial advisor, you’ll want to ensure that you’re maximising the visibility of your unique skills and assets to your potential clients.


Building your client-base is key to maintaining and expanding your business, and effective SEO allows you to direct would-be clients straight to your doorstep. Once upon a time, it was enough to fill your webpage with keywords without paying much heed to their context, but times have changed and search engines are more exacting than ever; clients and colleagues are searching for informative, engaging content with which to make an informed decision.


Why Bother with SEO?

Search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and the ever-dominant Google have refined their trawling algorithms to judge the trustworthiness, relevance, and reliability of online content, with unprecedented effectiveness. If your product isn’t advertised on a website with informative, well-written and optimised content, you’ll stand little hope of making it to the front page when people search for financial advice online. Google alone takes into account over 200 factors when ranking websites, and as up to 60% of sites online are counted as spam, it’s crucial to ensure that your services don’t get thrown on the junk pile.


Tailoring SEO to Your Needs

As a premium, tailored service you’ll be trying to balance your keyword usage in order to catch clients in your particular niche; rather than using broad, generic keywords in your content you’ll have to target stronger leads. You content will be tailored to high-income households – some of the most common search engine users around – with an aim to converting a high percentage of viewers. However, broader industry keywords such as ‘financial planning’ and ‘financial advice’ will prompt Google to display local listings, so ensure that you have a Google My Business page set up to take full advantage of this.


Getting the Right SEO For Your Business

Marketing firms will often include Financier SEO in their products, offering marketing strategies tailored to your needs as an advisor, and as SEO for financial advisors involves a serious time investment it’s worth considering. There are comprehensive guides available which include everything from content creation, site maintenance, schema and link-building, and long-term strategy. Link-building plays a huge role Google has been paying increasing attention to aspects like loading speeds and mobile accessibility, as more users than ever are accessing pages on-the-go.


While search engines rank social media posts differently than web traffic, there’s compelling evidence that Google are paying more and more attention to virality on sites like Facebook and Twitter, and you can bet that your clients will be on there too: it’s important not to neglect your social media presence.


As mentioned, thorough SEO is a complex and often time-consuming business, so it’s worth considering outsourcing your optimisation needs and focussing instead on delivering high-quality consultation to your clients as and when they arrive – with the help of professionally-delivered online content.