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Seeking Creative Inspiration through a Change of Scenery

Martin Castilla            No comments            Feb, 10

It’s hard to imagine that a job such as data entry requires any amount of creativity, which is why such jobs are not meant to be done forever as a means through which to earn a living. Other professions such as programming may not seem like they require any amount of creativity, but those are perhaps the jobs in which the most creativity is required. So in addition to booking your accommodation with the likes of for the change of scenery you’d need to spark any creative inspiration you might be running short on, here are some suggestions as to what to get up to on your creative-inspiration-seeking retreat:

Book online, in advance

So I guess it’s clear now that the best suggestion in accommodation should be a self-catering apartment, but it’s about more than just being able to go to a private place you can retreat to in order to make sure you’re not disturbed when you want to let your creative juices flow. It’s about getting all the organisational aspects of planning the trip out of the way so that you don’t have to worry about any of that once you’re away. Nothing kills creativity quite like having to worry about admin, no matter how big or small those administrative tasks may be.

Trust me – something as seemingly small as having to go into town looking for a bread-knife to prepare your dinner with can eat into any time you might have wanted to set aside to channelling your creativity! So make sure to book online, in advance, so that everything is taken care of.

Lodge somewhere by the coast

I’m particularly a fan of the VisionApartments group of serviced properties because if you look at pretty much all the options they have on offer, they’re somewhere close to the coast. There’s nothing like being able to head down to the beach, feel the sand between your toes and become one with the ocean breeze to spark a bit of creativity in the most uninspired of people! Be sure to take a notebook and pencil with you and if you can, set aside more than one full day for a visit to the seaside.

Attend a local cultural event

When seeking to enjoy the benefits of a change of scenery, you really want to give your mind a totally different perspective to that which it is ordinarily made to deal with in your regular life. You’ll be surprised at just how refreshing a local cultural event can be to the mind, helping you rediscover that missing bit of creative inspiration. So attend a local cultural event and just enjoy it with no pressure.

Get busy with some casual networking

Some of the best ideas come from the sometimes unknowing suggestions of strangers, or friends who were strangers a few minutes ago. Bounce your ideas off of the people you meet, but keep things casual and friendly. For some reason strangers whose paths intersect with yours on account of a common interest are much more willing to give of themselves creatively than people whom you’ve known your entire life.

So get busy with some causal networking.