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Stay on Top of the Action With a Voice Alert Radar Detector

Martin Castilla            No comments            Feb, 20

These days, radar detectors have lots of fancy features. But one of the most useful features you can find on a radar detector is the voice alert feature. Because of a voice alert, you can stay on top of things when it comes to identifying speed traps even when you are fully focused on your driving. These voice notifications eliminate the need to keep looking at an LED display to find out if your radar detector has picked up anything from the traffic police radars.

Fortunately, even budget shoppers can get radar detectors with a voice alert feature without having to compromise on other features. So, you don’t have to shy off from shopping for a device with this feature if your budget is s little restrictive. 
However, to get the best use experience, you should obviously buy a radar detector that generally offers good quality performance. The best radar detector 2018 with this feature can also be expected to provide a good quality use experience.

Basically, you should know that a voice alert feature is pretty pointless if the radar detector does not shine in other important areas. For instance, a good detector should have good quality signals and have a reduced incidence of false signals, as well as timely alerts and good sensitivity among other important features.

While some people might not have an issue with using a radar detector with a display alert only, some detectors might not offer very clear displays. In such cases, having a voice alert feature becomes a real necessity.

Also considering that some authorities might take issue with your use of a radar detector, keeping it in plain view might not be the best idea; which would be a necessity when using a detector’s display to get the alerts. Trying to conceal the detector would obviously make alerts displayed on a screen less useful.

On the flip side, having a detector with a voice alert feature can allow you to tuck it safely out of sight, ensuring you do not miss any of the alerts in your attempt to avoid getting caught with it. That is why it is also critical that you get a detector with a good quality voice alert feature.

The alerts should also be audible enough. Some radar detector offer earphone and Bluetooth connectivity options. Some will even allow you to get the alerts through your car stereo. A good voice alert feature should also come with volume adjustability options.

Good detectors also provide a mute option in case you want to avoid the feature entirely. However, some have a quick option that can lower audio levels when necessary; such as when a police officer is approaching your car.

The voice alert features come in many forms as well. For instance, some detectors offer a 360-degree detection range. Therefore, the voice alert features in such devices can provide a lot more information than what other alternatives can offer.

In other words, as you shop for a premium quality radar detector, be sure to get one with other great features because odds are that you will better quality voice alerts. Some of these radar detectors can even alert you when you over-speed.

On some detectors, the voice detection feature actually ensures better quality detection than the LED display feature. For instance, the Valentine One voice alert avoids reports many false threats due to doors and motion detectors. However, the manufacturer has worked hard to ensure that these shortcomings do not pass on to the voice alert system, whose warnings are mostly accurate.

This is certainly a good thing to have since you can enjoy better quality detection while using this tribe of detectors. For instance, some detectors will go over and beyond simple ID tones to offer a real voice notification detailing the nature of the radar technology band the police are using. This information can help you better prepare for the police traps.

An easy use experience is also worth serious thought as you shop for a radar detector with a voice alert feature. Some products might have a complicated user interface that makes adjusting the voice alerts quite a pain. Sometimes a quick operation experience might be needed, which is why getting a detector with an easily adjustable voice alert feature is a great idea.

To Sum Up
Generally speaking, a voice alert feature on a radar detector helps you to stay on top of things by keeping you from taking your attention off the road whenever an alert is generated. So, this is a feature worth serious consideration as you shop for a radar detector in 2018. Just be sure to get a premium quality detector even as you prioritize the voice alert feature.