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Straightforward Trends To Use When Betting On Football

Martin Castilla            No comments            Feb, 10

When you get into a hobby, you dive all in eager to learn everything you can in the shortest time possible. And when it comes to betting on sports, using trends is by far the best induction to the hobby. Trends highlight to you which markets are bringing in the cash. And the patterns to be mentioned in this piece are specific to the sport of football. So if you are into football betting, you have come to the right place.

  • First-half scoring trends

Traditionally, betting was set on limited multiple choices. It was either you placed a wager on a win, draw or loss. But all that has changed. Today, because of the increased avenues to place bets such as live betting, one can bet on far more than the listed outcomes. And one known channel is the first-half scoring trends.

This trend uses the pattern most teams have been using. In a match, each side strives to dominate the game in the first half. From history, an aggressive team on the first-half end up winning the game. And so when watching a game, you should take note of the dominating group. A team that scores in the first half is viewed as the stronger team of the match.

  • Sharp line moves

These are the odds, spread, or the totals lines making a sudden jump into one direction. And these shifts come in handy to help you make a sound decision on a wager.  Almost all sites on the market today, including the ones listed on Silentbet, know of this trend and use it to calculate their odds. These sharp lines shifts include instant moves off opening lines, late moves against the previous flow, and moves from key numbers.

  • Coaching trends

A coach, especially the head coach, has a lot of influence on a team. The relationship between the players and their leader has to be streamlined so that the results are outstanding. Otherwise, if there is an imbalance or misunderstanding, the team dynamics are disadvantaged. So much so, that is why coaching trends are beneficial. Different coaches use different techniques on various teams for various matches. On one league, a coach would opt to play defense, and another choose the offensive. Regardless, the assessment is at your disposal, and so you can make a decision based on a positive coaching trend.

  • Bye week trend

In the game of football, bye weeks refer to any week during a regular season that an individual team does not play. The reasons for this break vary from league to league, and during this time, necessary adjustments on the teams playing strategy are revised. When betting using this strategy, you place your money on the sides on their first game following the bye week. And in as much as it is not a decisive win, you stand a better chance, especially if the adjustments are visible in how the team is playing.

Football is an exciting sport to watch and even better betting on it. But if you are green, use the trend above to start your journey. You will not regret it.