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Struggling To Create Good Ideas At Work? Follow These Simple Steps To Help Get The Juices Flowing

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jun, 15

Anyone can come up with an innovative idea that will take a start-up off the ground to higher successful levels. All that one needs to have is the right mindset and a proper guide. According to the authors of the book, ‘The Idea Hunter’: How to find the best ideas and make them happen’, an individual’s daily habits and behaviours play a greater role than mere brain power in coming up with new innovative ideas. To help you improve your business, here are some of the best ways to come up with creative ideas at work.

Be open minded

For you to come up with an innovative idea that will take your business a notch if not notches higher, you must keep an open mind. Competitors are bound to get more market shares than you once in a while. However, you can start yielding profits by simply taking the competition positively and checking on what you may be doing wrong. Take time to assess your competitor’s stkeeping an open mirategies as it will help you come up with strategies that will make certain that your business takes an upward trend.

Have a teachable spirit

As a business person you will definitely have some professional curiosities. For this reason, it is of prime importance that you set aside some time to learn more about your curiosities. Having a teachable spirit means that you will be willing to learn from the best; this will help you in your exploration of new creative ideas.

Jot down your ideas so as not to lose them

It is natural for you to come up with a creative idea at work and not remember it a few hours later or the next day. Thomas Edison jotted down any idea or observation he felt was worth writing down. Buy a few drawings pads to keep on your desk or a small pocket one to carry around with you wherever you go as your best ideas may come to you whilst on the bus or even on the loo!  Writing down your ideas assists you to keep track of your ideas; however, do not feel pressured to organize them at the moment, the organization is a process that will grow naturally over time. Also worth noting is the importance of sketching your ideas on a drawing pad. The mere action holding a pencil and drawing pad sparks creativity within a person to come up with an innovative concepts. For example, in the fashion industry.

Share your ideas with individuals with a different perception

Talking to people about an innovative idea you just had gives you a chance to view your idea from a different angle. A simple conversation in a restaurant could bring to life a creative idea that will bring success to your business. For instance, Walt Disney decided to grab a bite in a nearby restaurant and while at it, he noticed that a man by the name Leopold Stokowski was eating alone; He then decided to invite him over to his table. Disney asked Stokowski what he thought of a certain musical piece he had just attained rights to; the conversation they had led to a partnership on a project called “Fantasia.”

Assess your competencies and your passion

This is another great way to come up with a creative idea at work. Always strive to come up with ideas that maximize your potential. Many great ideas with rush through your mind day in day out. For this reason you will need to sort through those ideas and choose the ones that you are capable of doing or rather good at doing. For this reason, you need to assess your competencies. Avoid exploring ideas that do not match your abilities.