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Taking Full Advantage of Your Home-Office Business Set-Up

Martin Castilla            No comments            May, 14

Somewhere in between those location independent, remote workers who refer to themselves as digital nomads and the traditional corporate structure which still adheres to a system that clearly continues to work for them, exists those entrepreneurs, remote workers and business persons who bring the two extremes together. These are the people who work from home, typically having set up a home office, which is contained on premises that might very well be their registered business address. If you’re one of these self-starters and go-getters, there are naturally many advantages to working in this way you have identified, but there are many more which you might not be making full use of.

In some instances it’s more a matter of necessity than choice, working from home, out of a home office, but either way, there are plenty of advantages for you to make full use of.

Low operational costs

Your home utilities bill might be higher than that of the average person, but the running costs of your working environment will be nowhere near those of a formal office building structure.

Low-to-no peripheral costs

Being able to work in our underwear when there are no clients to deal with means no need to spend money on formal work wear and other peripheral costs, like fuel.

Scheduling freedom

You get to choose when your work day starts and when it ends, giving you total freedom to plan more efficiently around any deadlines you may have.

Tax deductions

It really depends on your local tax laws, but generally speaking, modern day corporate tax laws around the globalised business world favour up-starters who choose to work from their own homes, offering tax deductions which can otherwise be used for other areas of growing the business. Filing taxes when you’re self-employed is easier than ever today too.

Turning apparent disadvantages into advantages

There are some clients who justifiably only want to do business with what appear to be traditional corporate entities as this comes from a place of safety and legitimacy concerns. The subsequent exclusion of many remotely run operations thus comes into focus as perhaps a major disadvantage to this type of working set-up, indicatively accounting for a lot of lost, would-be business. I mean in a world where professionalism and legitimacy are often rightfully associated with a professional working environment, you can understand why a client looking to do some business with a brand new partner might choose the supplier or service provider whose premises they can visit take the form of a multi-story sky-scraper, located at a prestigious address, over a one-man operation in the like of someone working out of their home office.

Thinking beyond those limitations however, it becomes apparent that what appears to be a disadvantage can in actual fact be turned into an advantage. If you look in the direction of a cheap virtual office London has some great options on offer, the use thereof which instantly gives your remotely run operation that much-needed clout and legitimacy that comes with a prestigious business address.

It gets better though, if you think even further beyond the obvious benefits which are in fact disadvantages turned right on their heads. The best of these types of services offer real office management solutions which are integrated into the service, which means if an old-style prospective client wants to call your landline, then there’ll be someone to answer the call and complete all the requisite admin around that.

The killer-blow, if you like, would be that of giving off the impression that you’re super busy – so busy that anyone who calls has to deal with one of your admin staffs in just one of many of your “official satellite offices!”