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The 6 Best State Parks to Check Out During Your Ohio Camping Adventure

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jan, 25

Famed for its enthusiastic sports fans, tourist hubs like Cleveland and proximity to the lovely Lake Erie, don’t write off Ohio as somewhere to visit if you’re “the outdoorsy type.”

With breathtaking sights, awesome trails and incredible state parks, you could easily make an entire trip out of visiting Ohio’s outdoor hotspots without stepping foot in one of its big cities. Friendly to RV travelers and tent campers alike, there’s no shortage of things to do in the Buckeye State.

Of course, you’re going to be in quite remote locations on your trip so make sure you have all of the necessary equipment before you go. Looking for the best shortwave radio will help you communicate with the outside world when you’re in an area where cell signals are weak or non-existent. Also, taking enough food and drink is important and you should always pack more than you think you’ll need, in case anything happens.

Whether you’re a local looking to rent an RV in Cincinnati to start your adventure or are just passing through from a neighboring state, make sure to check out the following state parks along the way!

Hocking Hills State Park

You can’t talk about state parks in Ohio without first mentioning Hocking Hills, overwhelming regarded as one of the state’s must-see attractions.

If exploring caves, peering over cliffs and marveling at one-of-a-kind rock formations wasn’t enough, Hocking Hills offers just about every outdoor activity under the sun. Beyond fishing and hunting, those who want to take it easy have over a dozen trails to choose from. In fact, Hocking Hills’ two new trails might be worth a visit by themselves, allowing visitors to explore parts of the park which were previously off-limits.

Shawnee State Park

Nicknamed “The Little Smokies,” this park’s close proximity to the seemingly endless Shawnee State Forest provides for both a tranquil vibe and endless photo ops. Enjoy fishing, swimming and a ton of awesome trails, including a backpacking trail that extends well over 40 miles. Did we mention that the park is located near the bank of the Ohio River?

Geneva State Park

For those who aren’t afraid to get wet, Geneva State Park is located right off of Lake Erie and is a treat for those willing to hit the water. Specifically, the fishing at Geneva is absolutely phenomenal. Granted you have a license, you can enjoy the many varieties of fish in Lake Erie including walleye, catfish and bass.

Alum Creek State Park

This state park is a total treat for those looking to take their boats out on the water. Whether you’re sailing, rowing or paddling, there are plenty of scenic views to take in as you explore the reservoir.

Headlands Beach State Park

Located on Ohio’s largest beach, this park is ideal for a quick, quiet getaway. Unwind with a quick mile-long walk and enjoy some local nature preserves while you’re out and about. The beach does typically fill up during the weekends, so just keep that in mind.

Indian Lake State Park

This park’s massive lake speaks for itself, but Indian Lake is especially enticing during the winter. Activities such as snowmobiling, ice-skating and cross-country skiing are all available to visitors when the weather permits.

If you love the great outdoors, don’t miss out on what the great state of Ohio has to offer. Try to hit up as many of these state parks as you can during your next road trip.

And hey, if you miss a few, it’s all the more reason to come back through!