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The Advantages of Working Remotely

Martin Castilla            No comments            May, 7

It’s actually gotten to a point where you have entire companies running their operations remotely, such as none other than what is perhaps the biggest Content Management System operator in WordPress, but this is perhaps aimed more at those companies and employees looking into remote work as an option. More and more businesses are getting in on the very visible advantages or allowing more of their employees to work remotely and admittedly it’s much easier to hire a remote worker from the onset as opposed to allowing some permanent workers to make the transition.

It is indeed possible, but it remains a challenge nonetheless. Otherwise for those who might be sitting on the fence about remote work, let’s discuss a few advantages of this growing and rather progressive business management trend.

Lower on-site operational costs

This is as straight-forward as remote-working advantages get – less people to manage and cater to on site means less operational overheads, such as reduced utility usage (less water and electricity is used). Less office equipment is required too and pretty much less of everything since there is a lean team of staff members to cater to physically.

Less in-house staff to manage

I guess this builds-on from the previous advantage discussed, but it’s worth mentioning the advantage of having to deal with less in-house staff because it’s a clear advantage. I’m talking more from a management point of view – remote workers are likely more independent and can make decisions for themselves to get their work done, so you might even have to hire less staff in positions such as those of a managerial nature.

Higher productivity

It’s very hard to believe but works like magic either way. Remote workers focus more on getting the job they need to complete done, which means it’s all about productivity with them. There’s a lot less wasting of company resources with frivolous tasks like going on social media the whole time during office hours.

Less immediate workplace safety liability

Once you start zoning-in on the advantages of allowing more of your staff to work remotely, it’s almost as if the ball cannot stop rolling. There are many more of these advantages, but this is the last of them we’re going to be discussing today (otherwise we could very well go on forever). So it might be obvious now that we’ve set the ball into motion, but a more remote working setup definitely comes with the advantage of the employer having less to worry about by way of workplace safety liability. Basically if there are less people in your building under your employ then you have less possible instances of something like workplace injuries to worry about.

This creates a nice knock-on effect in which you go on to save on your legal costs, which means that instead of something like constantly having to drill employees on workplace safety, the services of the likes of Snow Carpio Weekley Phoenix Attorneys can be solicited on an as-required basis. They even offer free consultation.