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The Art of Writing: 5 Ways Art Classes Can Help You Master Essay Writing Skills

Martin Castilla            No comments            Feb, 28

In the academic world, arts are often seen as something to ignore, something that won’t help you outside of the field, but did you know that the arts and art classes can actually help you with other academic classes as well. One area the arts can markedly help in is essay writing, which is something common in almost every class you take. Essays are a way to demonstrate your skills and the ability to comprehend a text, but did you know that art classes can help make your essay writing better? How does that work? Well, you’re about to find out.

Here are five ways art classes can help you master your essay writing skills.

1. The Right Hues

One area art loves to focus on are hues. Hues are colors, such as red, blue, green, and others. They can even be blended together, such as a rainbow going from one hue to the next one.

When writing an essay, you can take each of the various points as a “hue” in a sense, and with an essay, you’re trying to paint a picture with ideas, and with each idea, you can assign it as a “hue.” Together, you can take every single part of this, put it on paper, and when it does flow together, it can almost be like you have painted a picture in a sense.

Hues also have values, and you can look at the spectrum of each of them, and compare it to the spectrum of ideas you have for your essay. By creating variants such as this, you’ll be able to put them together and create a beautiful image with the words alone.

2. Contrast

The contrast in art is the way two opposing factors are put together and arranged. Let’s take black and white, lighter and darker colors or even a picture with smooth and rough lines. These get commingled together to create beautiful images, and it helps the person better understand what’s going on.

This applies to essay writing as well. Let’s say you’re writing a compare and contrast paper. In a sense, you can take two ideas you have, the hues, and different gradations of it as said before, and start to put them on the paper, showing the contrast of these topics in a complementary way.

Essay writing often involves challenging ideas, and if you’re able to showcase the contrast between one and the other, it can show a major difference on how you comprehend the subject, and it can create more interest in the subject, and even more emotions as well, while still retaining the academic nature of the piece.

3. Better Flow from One Topic to the Next

Art, sometimes, focuses heavily on flow, how two things go together, and sometimes, art relies on the way it naturally flows from one area to the next.

Think of a picture that doesn’t have a ton of contrast. Often, the flow of it can be pleasing to the eye. In contrast, if you paint a picture with jagged lines, outrageous colors, and the overall feeling of it doesn’t flow, it can turn the viewer off from looking at it.

In essay writing, it’s the same way. With essays, you want to paint a picture with the words, and you want the reader to enjoy the plot. Jumping from one subject to another won’t do that, and a sign of a poor essay is often the way a writer jumps from one topic to another, without a good segue to it.

4. Better Self-Expression

The art allows you to tap into that inner expression that you have and showcase it. You can tap into that inner creativity, and look at various kinds of art from different angles.

In the same vein, you can do this with essay writing. Essay writing is a process, and if you’re able to tap into that deeper level of thinking, it can make for a more profound and even more interesting essay. Essay writing isn’t just rote repetition on the paper, but in fact, a process where you want to showcase a deeper understanding. It’s important to realize this, and if you do so, it can make a difference on the level of critical thinking your essay has to offer.

5. Presentation

Finally, we have a presentation. Art relies heavily on this. Of course, you want the piece to look good, communicate well, and create an effect.

Essay writing acts the same way. The purpose of your essay is to create an idea in the reader’s mind about the subject presented. It can be a call to action, a showcase as to why you might or might not do something, or even analyzing characters. Whatever it might be, you want to present it well.

Poorly presented art doesn’t communicate the feelings to the viewer, and in the same way, a poorly written essay doesn’t communicate the right feelings to the reader.

Art can help with presentation, both in an artistic sense, and even in an academic sense, and it can change the way essays are written.

Art and essay writing are connected, and together, they can allow one to create the best and most comprehensive essay, bridging the gap between these subjects to create a harmonious connection.