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The Artists’ Dilemma

Martin Castilla            No comments            May, 7

If you’re any kind of creative spirit and you’ve made a career out of your creativity, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that we tend to see everything and anything around us as somewhat of a canvass or creative project. It’s not so much about trying to “interior design” everything or rearrange it so that it looks pretty, but more about functionality. Functionality is the essence of great design…

So anyway, you can spot an artist from a mile away if you’re a fellow artist of any kind, whether you’re a graphic designer, a painter, web designer, or even a wordsmith, etc. Creatives just have THAT THING about them which manifests through their appearance and how they carry themselves. Even someone like an image consultant may forget just how artsy they really are until somebody else comes along and points it out after having observed them for a quite a bit of time.

The big picture sort of builds up gradually, made up of all the little elements in your everyday life that come together, such as how you talk, how you walk, how you dress (and more so how you wear certain clothes), and how you tend to look at the world through the eyes of an artist.

In some cases it gets a bit extreme and in those instances it doesn’t even take a fellow creative to spot an artsy person. Either way, you constantly have to deal with a dilemma which is brought to life by a battle between the rigid roles society seems to have defined for all of us really and that internal artist’s flame that simply cannot be extinguished. That internal flame only burns hotter if any efforts are made to blow it out, prompting the artist to go to war with the status quo.

Now there are times when this is only a good thing because it helps you really grow as a person and the positive energy radiated can affect people around you just as positively too, but in many other instances there is just as hard a push back from the gatekeepers of the status quo. Try driving passed roadside police officers with one of those California surfer VW minibus vans and you’ll realise that there is some bias being applied in that you’re instantly suspected to be some kind of a hippy.

You’ll probably get stopped more times than you would if your nose-ring wearing self didn’t drive that surfer van, but rather wore a tailored suit and you drove something like a Lexus or a European vehicle.

In such scenarios this type of profiling is harmless, or rather it can be taken in one’s stride, but imagine if things get really serious and you find yourself in front of a very conservative jury which is about to decide your fate. Your Oakland car accident lawyer would prove to be so critical to your fate in that regard, but at least you’d be in good hands in what is a rather ironic interaction with the “other side” – a collaboration with one of these so-called “suits”.