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The Business End of the Art Industry

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jun, 17

For many reasons which are probably justified in the reasoning behind their existence, artists of all kinds are not typically seen as being real professionals with real jobs. Of course the fact that this is the case is in itself not justified, but we can sort of understand why this view exists when we look at the typical corporate structure. In fact we can probably go back to the level of basic education to find the source for this belief.

When you look at how the subject of art is perceived at basic school level, in the earliest of years it’s seen as more of a leisure activity which is to be enjoyed, often excelled at by those scholars who might not quite be leading the pack academically, in other learning areas such as mathematics, science, etc. The art class or art period is seen as more of a reward for working hard in the other learning areas, and just try and tell your parents that when you grow up you want to be an artist and you’ll likely be met with the response that there aren’t too many future job prospects for you if you choose to go down that path.

The typical appearance of an artist is also not one which would have people associating any sort of professionalism with the creation of the subsequent “work.”  If you’re not any kind of artist yourself you likely picture some hippy-like person with long hair, who paints their substance-induced thoughts when “inspiration” hits. That’s not quite the case though when you consider the many different kinds of artists in existence and when you take a closer look at the business end of the art industry.

Any form of artist has to develop and exercise some advanced business skills if they’re to survive and hopefully thrive in the contemporary art industry, but this has perhaps always been the case. The only difference is that the business end of the art industry hasn’t always been as visible as it is today, with the likes of Instagram influencers and the likes.

It’s the very reason why you’d get a talented, up-and-coming visual artist never going on to become as famous as some of the most famous artists the world has known, despite being as good or perhaps even better than any of them ever were. Instead you might find this precocious talent running an art gallery out of some back-alley, which doesn’t look like it gets much business and yet it manages to stay in business as a result of to-market channels such as online sales.

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