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The Las Vegas Strip vs Online Casinos

Martin Castilla            No comments            May, 4

Anyone who plans a trip to Vegas knows what to expect. You get to live the high life, and all the glitz and glam the city has to offer. Undoubtedly, a trip to one of the most popular Vegas casinos is also inevitable. It’s the perfect time to put on the James Bond suit or your best gown and mingle with the crowds as you play some of the world’s favourite casino games.

Nevertheless, online casinos are on the rise. More and more platforms are being developed every year and more people are finding their online casino operator thanks to guides such as So, what does this mean for the home of all casino games?


The Magic of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is considered to be casino player’s paradise. Ever since the state of Nevada legalized gambling in the year 1931, the most populated city in this state has continuously attracted players from all over the world. Really and truly, the casino industry in Las Vegas ballooned into something that is larger than life.

The very first casino that was built in that same year was the Pair-o-Dice Club. Later on, Strip became the very first casino-resort, when Bugsy Siegel opens Pink Flamingo. By the 2000s, this was later renamed to The Flamingo, Las Vegas.

Additionally, all casino enthusiasts must have at least heard about the Golden Nugget Casino. Since its opening in 1946, it held its title as the most popular and largest casino in Las Vegas, with an impressive 2,419 rooms. 

The Bellagio Casino also offers a wonderous casino experience, knowing that is famous for its spectacular water fountains. Interestingly, it also hosted the world-renowned production of Cirque du Soleil.

Other big names include the likes of Caesars Palace. After hosting numerous sport events including Muhammed Ali and Oscar de la Hoya’s boxing matches, as well as the Caesars Palace Grand Prix, it sought to become the true home of sport in Las Vegas.

Other leading casinos that you should definitely pay a visit to include: the Luxor, the Venetian, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, the Horseshoe Casino and many, many more.

With over 150 Casinos, you need to plan multiple trips to Vegas to manage to visit all of them. You’re completely spoiled for choice here. That said, what does the future hold for Vegas casinos and other venues around the world, considering the popularity of online casino platforms?

Live the thrill from your home

Whilst nothing beats a true casino experience in Vegas, the recent years have shown more people are signing up to online casinos. Let’s face it, not everyone has the luxury to afford a trip to Vegas in the first place. A casino would be the last thing on someone’s mind if that was the case.

In this regard, online casinos have provided more ways in which people can access their favourite casino games. Arguably, some people think that the perks and benefits are better than the ones offered at land-based casinos in Vegas. For starters, a welcome bonus is up for grabs from the minute you sign up. Along with that, you might also win some loyalty points that can later be converted to bonus cash prizes. What’s more, is that you can avail from weekly promotions, daily deals and monthly offers. In this case, perhaps online casinos have changed the game forever, considering land-based casinos do not offer any of those perks, apart from the actual gaming experience.

If we turn our attention to the gameplay, online casinos offer plenty of options. First off, you don’t have to commit to anything. Almost all licensed and regulated casinos are offering the option to play for free, before playing for real money. This makes sense, because it’s useless spending money on something you don’t like or don’t think you’re good at. In this way, you can first test the waters and then decided if you should start playing for real money.

The games are endless. You’ll find multiple versions of slots, table games and live casino. There something for everyone, according to their level of experience. In this regard, those who are new to the scene don’t need to feel intimidated when trying a game out for the first time. This goes hand in hand with the free demos, since you can’t really show up and play with other fellow players, if you don’t have some knowledge of the game. Other players wouldn’t be too happy that you’re slowing the game down, and dealers will have daggers in their eyes. 


What does the future hold?

Are we experiencing the rise and fall of land-based casinos? Has the magic been lost? Whilst the interest in online casinos keeps increasing year by year, we don’t believe land-based casinos have anything to worry about. This isn’t a case of one is better than the other. More often than not, it’s more about convenience and budget. Other than that, we believe that both land-based and online casinos are well and truly here to stay.