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The Tools That Every Designer Should Have

Martin Castilla            No comments            Sep, 6

When it comes to being a great designer, it’s not just talent and flare that you need.As designers, we’re also fortunate enough to have at our disposal tools to help us reach our end goal.

Providers of framed prints, Precision Printing have created a handy guide on the five best design tools at our disposal. Here, we assess some of the best tools at a designer’s disposal to make sure the process runs smoothly:

The tools

Hardware:Depending upon the designer’s preference, you will require either an iMac or MacBook and a DSLR Camera in order to capture images that are unique. So that you’re not relying on digital tools alone – get ideas down on paper as soon as they come to you, using a notepad or sketchbook to jot down these concepts and ideas.

Compiling your research:Look at getting a Computer Arts subscription if you like to be inspired on a regular basis; or alternatively, try using Niice to gather ideas on a drag-and-drop interface.

Layout tools:Without the Golden Ratio Calculator, no designer has the complete package; for font size ratios use Modularscale, and use Responsify for grids and plotting other whitespace.

Branding tools:You’ll need a space for putting logos together for inspirational purposes. Use GraphicSprings to help create customisable logos by pen and paper – never forget the power of pen and paper.

Typography tools:Use Typewolf in order to find a font when working on a project. For a font library that’s personal, use Typekit – and try Typecast if you’d like to compare the best of fonts.