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There’s an Artist in Each and Every One of Us

Martin Castilla            No comments            May, 26

It perhaps boggles the mind a whole lot more than it should really, how someone like a writer whose job it is to put pen to paper all day “relaxes” by kicking back with a good book. I mean you’d think that the last thing they’d want to do to relax is engage in anything even remotely similar to what they do for their job.

It’s not just with writers – you see it everywhere…

To expand on the analogy of the wordsmith it’s not so much about taking your work home with you. Rather, it’s all about entertaining the inner artist each and every one of us has, no matter what industry we’re in and no matter how far-flung we think we are from the arts. Remember that art isn’t just represented in the traditional sense of something like picking up a paintbrush and whipping up a masterpiece. Art is everywhere and the unlikeliest of artists amongst us inevitably invokes their artistic side, even if only on the level of enjoying someone else’s art.

Allow me to explain…

When you’re reading a snippet through which some main idea is being communicated, as is probably the point of any writing, the inner artist in you inevitably kicks into gear and the author’s words begin to form into pictures – moving pictures in your head. Your imagination takes over and although the specific subjects and maybe even the details of the setting the author was imagining when they were writing the text aren’t exactly the same as that which you’re imagining, ultimately the gaps are filled in by your artistic inclination.

Now I’m going to take things a step further and proclaim that the inner artist which lives in each and every one of us finds a way to express itself through what you’d otherwise dismiss as normal, everyday activities. Your mind is constantly at work to engage the right hand side of your brain and at the very least make your life a little bit more interesting.

It’s not all about entertainment though and in fact it’s probably not at all about entertainment. Rather, it’s about nothing more than basic survival…

The subconscious is a very powerful force which is at play in much more of a pronounced way than what we may know and its most powerful conduit is none other than art.

The manifestation of this can be seen in more of a physical form we can perhaps all relate to, such as how we go about proceedings with regards to our jobs. I mean the most technical and specialised of fields such as the legal field has the likes of Mitchell & Crunk somehow finding a way to channel their more creative side by offering family planning services in addition to the “usual” stuff including divorce, custody, adoption and family law.

So as technically inclined as you may consider yourself to be, ultimately there is an artist who lives in each and every one of us and in one way or the other it will find a way to come out and play. Embrace it!