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Tips for Advertising on Facebook

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jun, 28

Facebook is one of the largest social networks today and it’s a great meeting place for various people all around the world. However, Facebook is more than just a social network. It’s also a great marketing platform that businesses and brands can use to promote their products or services.

Moreover, Facebook has its own set of built-in advertising tools, which helps business owners create astonishing marketing campaigns. Even though Facebook is an awesome marketing platform, you’ll still need to design your marketing campaign well in order for it to produce the best result. Here are a few tips for advertising on Facebook.

Give your adverts a purpose

Before you start advertising on Facebook, you must decide on the purpose of your advert. For instance, is your advert meant to attract customers or establish a relationship with your audience? Are you using your ad for product placement or do you want some feedback about a product from your followers?

Nevertheless, you must carefully identify what your goal is and what’s the purpose of your advertising before you start investing in it. Keep in mind that your advertisement needs to have a good design and it needs to be unique in order to truly win over your audience.

Target your audience

Your advert won’t work on just anyone and that’s why you must identify your target audience. Knowing your target audience is essential for creating a topic for your advert, something they will find interesting or entertaining. It’s also important for your adverts’ message and the content you will provide to your audience.

For example, identify your audience’s age, demographics, their preferences and so on before you start designing. That way, you’ll be able to maximize your efforts and ensure that your message will be heard. Also, you can target specific audiences with Facebook’s advert targeting options. This will enable you to create specific ads for smaller or larger audiences or gender-specific ads.

Give your advert a message

Every ad on Facebook carries a message and so should yours. The message should be related to the topic of your advert. For instance, are you informing your audience, educating them or are you simply providing them with something entertaining? Nevertheless, be mindful of your message’s tone of voice because the tone of voice represents your brand’s personality.

Whether you are strictly business or you prefer humor is up to you. Just remember that your tone of voice should be unique for your brand and the more you keep it that way, the more people will value it. Moreover, make sure your message is in accordance with your audience’s preferences and also keep it nice and short so you don’t bore them.

Pick the right visuals

Now that you’ve dealt with a purpose and a message for your target audience, you’ll have to add visuals to your advert. Your picture needs to be appealing enough to attract attention and it also needs to be of high quality in order to hold that attention. Avoid using clip arts and low-quality images for your adverts because they will only irritate people.

Make sure your image complements the advert. Also, make sure you use images that are unique to your business. If you don’t have any images of your own, then be careful when picking something out on the Internet. You can pay to use images and not violate the copyright or you can use stock imagery for startups that websites give for free. If you are using a video, then make sure it is of the right quality and length so your audience will find it interesting.

Leverage Carousel format

The Carousel format is a great way to breathe life into your adverts. This format allows you to tell a story about how unique your business is or endorse multiple products at once. Moreover, you can showcase multiple features for a single product or describe one of your services in detail.

The Carousel format utilizes a larger canvas that can help you create step-by-step guides for your products or services. As for the benefits, this format helps you increase your click-through rate, as well as reduce costs per clicks and conversions. Also, you can choose whether to promote your products for sale or for educating your audience further.

Raise local awareness with adverts

You can use your adverts to capture the attention of anyone in your proximity. You can use call-to-action buttons on your local awareness adverts to help people find you easily or give them an option to call you and get detailed info about your products or services. Furthermore, you can get people’s attention by alerting them about a sale or a promotion at your local store. Local awareness adverts also allow you to target a specific audience in your area.

Advertising on Facebook isn’t that hard if you know what you’re doing. Just remember to plan your campaign carefully so that it can produce the best result and not waste your budget entirely.