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Tips For Staying Focused When Working in an Office

Martin Castilla            No comments            Nov, 30

It is a busy afternoon, and I get to my computer to find an article about how to stay focused at work. As I am busy surfing the web, I get a knock at the door, on my way to open it, I realize that I had not answered to a couple of texts. Therefore, I pick the phone to reply unanswered messages as I approach the door. Coincidentally, Black Friday notification pops up. I open the door, talk to my colleague, and go through the products on offer. Eventually, I get behind my desk to continue my inquiry.

Back at my seat, I have to restart the whole process, to get the gist. By now, I have wasted almost twenty minutes on non-productive activities. Yet if I had stayed focused on my research, I would have been done then. It is obvious that we are flooded with stimulations, which devour our concentration, leaving us with minimal or non-uninterrupted time to focus on our work.

Nevertheless, since we cannot eliminate various sorts of distractions while we are busy, the sole decision to remain focused, while working is in our hands. If you are a staff in a distraction-rich office, use the following tips to learn how to zero in, keep focus and make your employer happy by staying productive most time of the day.


One of the most distracting things whilst sitting at a desk can be back and lower lumbar pain. Sitting all day is not natural, and it puts a lot of pressure on the spine. That’s why employees should be allowed to regularly stand, walk around and stretch to help ease aches and prevent long-term health problems. If you suffer from pain as a result of sitting at your desk all day and your employer doesn’t allow regular breaks, consider using CBD oil for back pain and other aches you may have. It will alleviate the pain and help you to concentrate better.

Take Coffee

A cup of coffee helps you stay focused and awake during working hours. Therefore, taking a cup of coffee is vital before starting your day at work. However, do not consume it on an empty belly or a few minutes to attending a meeting-I suppose you do not want to rush to the bathroom frequently while a meeting is proceeding.

Keep your table organized

Most people leave their office desk untidy due to long working hours or fatigue. Accordingly, they spend some part of the productive part of their morning arranging their tables rather than working. Always keep your mind uncluttered and your working station clean to minimize wasting some minutes of your productive time. Maybe you need to invest in a new desk, perhaps a DIY adjustable standing desk, so that you find it easier to navigate your belongings and get yourself comfortable. This might remove some of the faffing you might be doing rather than working! You can’t focus properly when you’re uncomfortable either.

Additionally, to minimize distraction a sophisticated arrangement of the entire office room is key. The in house design knowledge from custom trade show booth designers is paramount in customizing office layout to ensure proper arrangement of office equipment with an aim to minimizing distraction.

Practice Quiet hours

Set a specific time in the day, for your own, and be fanatical about it. If possible hang a tag of “SILENCE” on your office door or desk. That way a colleague will understand that you need your own time. Use that period to concentrate on your job.

Make your computer distraction free

Computers are majorly used for almost all office tasks. The way you arrange your computer eases your work. Saving data in the right name, in an easy to access folder will enable you to reach the data without much hassle. Several folders will often confuse and distract you.

In addition, ensure that you have an up-to-date antivirus if you are using windows operating system. Some malware will stress you and wane your interest to complete your task, as they will slow down your computer or wipe your data.

Prioritize tasks

Individuals are most active at work the early hours of their arrivals. At this point, all energy is to be spent yet. Thus, it is advisable; you arrange your job from the most time consuming and hectic, through the least and less pressing, to the boring tasks.

Such a procedure will enable you to concentrate at work rather than spending time on the task you least like.

Put on headphones

It is very rare to have pin drop silence an office. In fact, most offices are noisy due to the equipment such as copiers, phone buzzing, and dropping stationery. The noise may be minimal if it is coming from a source, but when it is emanating from various sources at ago, it will be distracting. You can wear earphones to keep off from such an environment since it wards off surprising sounds that keep your thoughts on pace.

Stay away from social platforms

Social sites are attractive and meant to be visited most times. While at your workplace, discipline your tendency of checking such platforms; ensure you check them during extra times or on short breaks.

Social sites are full of catchy, trending news and interesting information, which will attract you to stay much longer on them than you anticipated. Not only will such information distract you from work, but some will trouble you too-for instance, a breaking news or change of a pal’s marital status.

Play the right music while working

Music soothes the soul and provides inspiration. However, you cannot have any type of music playing in the background while keeping focused. Everyone has a given kind of music that pumps his or her adrenaline so that he or she can work effectively. Find the best music that does that, if you are the type of a person who wants to listen to music and work at the same time.

Therefore, if you have to play music while working, organize your playlist with pleasant music that will help you focus, as none of the songs should derail you off your work.

Overall, it is obvious we cannot bury ourselves from distraction while at work, especially in offices. However, you can greatly minimize such pollution that pulls your attention from work. Identify your areas of weakness and put measures to hasten your concentration since it is the key to being focused while at work.