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Tips That Will Help You Survive Your First Trade Show as an Exhibitor

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jan, 18

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A company’s marketing plan can include all kinds of different avenues and approaches. The main goal of marketing is to get a message out to potential clients/customers so that the business can grow, which is why so many different approaches are taken. One popular marketing route that companies take is to attend trade shows both as visitors and exhibitors. It gives businesses a chance to network with potential partners, vendors, suppliers, and customers.

If your company plans on attending its first trade show ever as an exhibitor, obviously you want to make the most of the experience. Here are some tips you can use that will help ensure it’s a successful event.

Make Sure You’ve Got Swag to Hand Out

The whole point of trade shows is to get your company noticed, chat with people, and get valuable leads. The problem is that first you need to draw people to your booth or you won’t accomplish any of the above. Now let’s get real here, when you go to a trade show, which booths instantly attract you? There’s no question that the booths with swag bring in more visitors, so with that in mind you want to be sure you show up with swag.

Swag is basically merchandise, samples, and products that you will hand out to visitors. It could be a product that your company makes or sells, or you can have something made to act as a marketing piece. Rather than go with the typical pen, paper, keychains, and fridge magnets, why not go all out and create pieces people could use? Things such as custom ceramic mugs with your company logo on it, USB sticks with your company’s contact information, backpacks, etc. You can save these “prime” swag pieces for those who are willing to leave their contact information with you so you get a lead out of it.

Make Your Booth Unique

It’s pretty easy for your booth to get lost in the sea of exhibitors if it doesn’t look unique. This means having professional visuals made and setting up a booth that reflects the company’s vision and mission.

Give Thought as to Who Will Staff Your Booth

It’s also important you think about who will staff your booth. Sometimes the people with the most experience aren’t the best choices for a trade show. You want staff that are knowledgeable, engaging, approachable, and friendly. It’s also a good idea to get a mix of expertise in the booth. Before the trade show happens, make sure everyone goes through a training session and is on-board with the main message and goals.

Make Sure You Take Time to Walk Around

The booth should always have more than one person manning it, which means you’ll have the ability to walk around, and this is encouraged. This gives you a chance to be proactive in your networking, attending informative lectures and sessions, and help to create brand recognition.

Making the Trade Show Worthwhile

By following these tips you’ll be sure to have a successful first trade show as an exhibitor, and also learn valuable lessons for the next show.