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Top 5 Places to use SEO

Martin Castilla            No comments            Dec, 23

One important sector of your online business and marketing strategy is SEO. And, if you are not using it correctly, you might not be attracting all the potential customers who could be buying your products and services. When it comes to SEO, there is a lot that goes on such as the use of right keywords. There are many companies which offer help with SEO plans, and it is a good investment for a long-term business. To get an overview of how SEO works, below are the main fields in which they are used. 

Your Website

You can start by using SEO on your website itself; it is one of the most important places. Even if you are making use of any free sites like WordPress or Wix, they still give you options to use your own keywords and metadata. If you are confused by these terms for now, you better take some time to do research as it will be fruitful. There’s a lot of information which can be useful when it comes to ensuring that you have a website which can be crawled by search engines.

Your Social Media Accounts

Social media accounts are other places where you can use link building. By sharing interesting articles, you can grab the attentions of your followers. You can also use your website links or blogs’ keywords by adding them to your social media sites. You can use them as hashtags or in status messages. For instance, Booty Bingo has a Facebook page which is active. From the Facebook Page, bingo players can learn interesting things about the promotions or special bingo events occurring on the site.

Your Blog

As important as they are on your website, keywords are useful for your blog as well. Your blog will be the right-hand man of your website, so you have to use it wisely. Your blog is also a good place to make use of link building. When people are reading posts on your blogs, it is not possible for you to give you all details on a subject. Thus, you can link to outside sources to give them more information to help them. But, you have to make sure that you’re linking to credible sources.

Your Newsletter

If you make use of online or email newsletters, you have another chance to use both link building and keywords. The main way to have a successful newsletter is by keeping it relevant, unlike spam emails. Make sure to send newsletters only to customers who have asked for it, and it would be wise to send it only once per week.

Your Online Advertising

Make use of keywords every time you can, especially if you are advertising online! Even if you have an advertisement on the front page of Google or a banner on your news site, add keywords to it. The keywords and your logo will be the main things people remember about you, so make the right choice.