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Top Benefits Of Print Marketing For Start-Ups

Martin Castilla            No comments            Nov, 21

For start-ups, creating and launching a successful marketing campaign is not an easy task. Not only have you got to beat the competition with an idea that’s fresh and engaging, but you also have to decide how you’re going to do it – digital or print?

Plenty of professionals go into auto-pilot at this point and presume that digital marketing is the only option. However, they’d be surprised to learn that print marketing is often equally or even more profitable and successful than its online counterpart, especially if you use a professional company specializing in managed print services. If you’re looking for ideas and guidance to get your marketing strategy off the ground without over-spending, check out how print marketing compares to digital and how it can help you create a rewarding campaign for your start-up.

How does print compare to digital?

As we mentioned, digital isn’t necessarily the clear winner when it comes to marketing – what it offers in speed, it lacks sometimes in personalisation. Did you know that 80% of users don’t bother to click on any online banner advert they see? Stats like this make you wonder if it’s worth paying the competitive price for the digital space or whether opting for a print product might be more effective. What’s more, print media appears to beat digital when it comes to marketing in magazines: 63% of UK adults still read magazines (according to YouGov) and only 10% regularly read these online.

If you’re curious as to how popular marketing is for companies within the print sector, findings show that approximately 30% of all items produced in the printing sector is for products such as brochures, roll-up banners, newspapers and magazines; while 34% is for advertising and marketing products, including event programmes and tickets. Since such a sizeable portion of the printing industry is devoted to marketing, it’s a fair assessment to say that many companies are successful when using it to promote their campaigns.

Why it’s vital to consider your marketing options

Successful marketing can mean the difference between a growing business and shrinking profit margins. According to a report by StartUp Britain (a government-supported campaign), there are about 80 new businesses launching in the country every hour. So, you needa marketing campaign that’s unique, promotional and profitablein order to beat the competition.

Print marketing: how to create a profit-boosting brochure

If you’re keen to learn more about print marketing, you might be wondering which type to go for. It’s true that there are lots of variety in this sector, however, brochures come highly recommended by companies that have used them. To create an effective and attractive brochure, it must legibly detail your brand, message and services in short but informative sentences. Just ensure you’ve thought about these essential features to help you whittle down the details and create an attractive, easy-to-read design. Key features include:

  • Content: make sure you’ve proofed it and that it’s concise.
  • Call to action: ensure that it’s clear.
  • Layout: make it easy to understand.
  • Overall look: should be professionalat all times.
  • Header: entice the reader to want to read more.
  • USP: help these stand out.

Now that the brainstorming and designing of your brochure is done, it’s time to weigh up the amount of orders you want to request from your printing company. Remember; over-ordering means wasted money, but the more brochures you buy in bulk means the less your overall cost will be. However, you don’t want to see any go to waste. Essentially, you must think about how many brochures your start-up needs to save yourself wasting cash unnecessarily while still maximising on your hard design work and outlay.

Direct mail: the hidden gem of print marketing

One of the greatest shocks for many start-ups looking into different marketing techniques is the profitability and success of direct mail. Research shows that 80-90% of direct mail is physically opened by recipients as opposed to just 20-30% of emails. On top of this, around 2.5 billion direct mail coupons were exchanged in 2015, and approximately 11% of the UK’s advertising expenditure was on direct mail in 2009. Clearly, direct mail should feature highly on your list of potential marketing strategy platforms.

Your start-up and print marketing

Digging into print marketing, we can see that it has a proven record of success in comparison to digital. While online platforms provide speed and a greater audience pool, it can sometimes lack the effort, personalisation and professionalism of expertly-created print products.

Article from Where The Trade Buys, a UK commercial print company.