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Try These Local Marketing Tips for Quick Wins

Martin Castilla            No comments            Oct, 8

If you are running a local business then there are loads of ways you can market yourself to potential customers in the local area. It doesn’t matter whether you are a local shop or an online store these tips will help you to generate a buzz and reach more of the locals you are trying to target.

Run a Local Competition

You need to generate a buzz in the local area around your business about who you are and what you do. Start by running a competition. There are so many different formats that you can choose from that can run both online and offline.

Ideally what you want to achieve is more people becoming aware of or using your business. Therefore, a competition where existing customers can win a prize by referring new customers is always a good idea. Of course, however, it’s important to remember that the prize must be worth winning to take part so if you are asking people to do something significant then make sure you’re offering more than a small voucher or gift.

Build an Online Presence

Building your business online through social media is a fantastic free way to market your services. It is free to set-up accounts on most of the big social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and it will enable you to start reaching customers and engaging with them right away. Having a schedule of what you would like to post is a good way to ensure you are putting content out regularly.

Another marketing tool you can use is your own branded website, optimised for Google’s result pages. Using an experienced SEO agency Birmingham company like Alt Agency can ensure that you will have a site that your customers will love and will start converting visitors into sales. Most people will look online first for a product or service so making sure that you are found when they search is crucial. Linking your website and social media pages will prove a really useful aspect to the marketing techniques you apply.

Take Out Local Advertising

If you have a certain type of customer then you will likely know a little bit about their lifestyle, for example, what they do in their spare time, the other shops they use, and the local papers they read. You can target advertising spots in the local press that you know similar people will be reading.

Being able to target the right kind of people is one of the fundamentals of local marketing strategy. For larger businesses with bigger budgets, it may go beyond the press too. Sponsoring the local sports team and getting adverts on local radio might also be an option.

Partner with Another Local Business

If there is another business in the local area that is selling a product or service that is complementary to yours then there is no harm in trying to strike up some kind of partnership with them for cross-promotion. A good example would be a local sports centre teaming up with a health food shop. They are likely to share similar customers and could both benefit from marketing to each other’s customers.