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What to Do When Your Wedding Plans Go Kaput

Martin Castilla            No comments            Oct, 1

However long you have spent planning your wedding, you certainly want it to go off as smoothly as possible. How great would it be if all of your guests arrived on time, your vendors showed up, your venue was in working order, your decorations looked incredible, your photos were stunning, and everything else happened without a hitch? That’s the ideal. While such weddings do happen, you’d be hard-pressed to find an event that didn’t have at least something go wrong.

So what do you do when the tiniest detail or all of your wedding plans go kaput? Whatever it is, do not allow it to ruin your day. How you react will influence everyone else as well as your memories of your day. So, should disasters arise, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Take precautionary measures

One of the best things you can do to ensure your wedding’s smoothness is to take precautions beforehand. Research the most common mishaps that happen at weddings, and take notes on what past couples and their guests have done to solve them. Weather is a significant issue with many outdoor events, so make sure you have a plan in place should the sky not cooperate. Be sure to stay away from liquids or substances that could dirty your outfit, and have a designated person keeping tabs on all people that will play a role in the ceremony or reception.

Purchasing wedding insurance might also be a wise idea. Your event is most likely a significant investment, so do some digging into plans that can help you get some money back in the case of a serious enough disaster that it derails your plans.

Don’t panic

If something does happen regardless of your caution, do not panic. Whatever is happening is probably fixable, and if not, you do not have to let it get to you. Mistakes and mishaps happen, people don’t show, and there is no way actually to plan for it all. Accept that you cannot control everything, so try not to live with disappointment if not everything goes your way. Let your vision be adaptable. You’ll undoubtedly get a good story out of it, and some of the best parts of life are the ones where you overcome a bit of struggle.

Have an emergency kit

Are you rocking that irresistible plus-size wedding dress, but afraid some of the lace might snag on something? Did you go to the salon the morning before, but are you concerned about your ties falling out and everything coming undone? One of the best tools any wedding can have is an emergency kit. This way, should mishaps occur, you have the resources to tend to them immediately.

Some things to include in your emergency kit are sewing supplies, makeup, bobby pins, brushes, hairspray, tissues, band-aids, pain medication, perfume, deodorant, mints, floss, cash, and tampons. Your possible list is certainly not limited to these, so consult with your loved ones and past brides to determine items that would be handy to have nearby.

Have a backup venue

Hopefully, your venue is good and ready to go, but just in case (possibly due to weather, mixups with booking, electrical shortages, staffing issues, or something else), have a backup venue ready should you need it. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, but the rain keeps you indoors, maybe a nearby religious institution or hotel would be willing to accommodate you. If your ceremony or reception is intended to be in one of those places already, but they are forced to turn everyone away, a wedding in the park might give you the memories you never knew you wanted.

Have backup vendors

Your vendors are subject to forgetfulness and traffic the same way your guests are. Double check with them prior to your event that they are prepared to show up in time, but if they are still late or do not arrive altogether, have people in mind that you can call in a pinch. If you have a younger cousin who is talented with a camera, ask her to take pictures if your photographer bails. If your catering is a no-show, make sure there is a restaurant nearby that can accommodate large to-go orders. The vendors that do arrive might have a network of other businesses, so ask if they have favors they can call in.

Your wedding will hopefully avoid serious issues, but it never hurts to have plans B and C in case plan A doesn’t work out. What will you do in the case that your wedding plans require some improvisation?