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What You Must Consider When Changing Careers

Martin Castilla            No comments            May, 2

Is it time for a change? Is your current position to low paid or simply not what you want to do with your life? Changing careers isn’t easy because there are just so many unknowns. You want to assure you’re making the switch for the right reasons. Make sure you consider the following factors.

The Salary

Perhaps you are switching jobs to chase your passions, and the pay is not such a big deal. Regardless you should still find out how much you should expect to get paid so that you can determine its impact on your lifestyle.

On the other hand, if your current job is underpaid and feels a bit like slave labor, then a salary increase may be your main motivating factor.

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The Schedule

If your current position has you working 9-5 Monday to Friday, then weekend work may put you out of your comfort zone. If you have family and other commitments, then it pays to know exactly what your new workload will be.

Do You Have To Go Back To School?

Many jobs require specialized training, so don’t be surprised if switching career also requires returning to study. This is a pretty major commitment. However, the outcome may be more than worth it.

The Stress Levels

Some jobs are high intensity and not suitable for everyone. If your current position is pretty laidback, then transitioning to a  stressful environment may be a total shock to your system. Consider if the reward of this new position is worth the extra headaches.

The Future Outlook

Automation, outsourcing, and many other factors are affecting the job market. Before you switch careers, you should consider the future prospects.  It would be foolish to end up in a job that may not exist five years down the line.

Will You Be Excited Or Dead Bored?

Some jobs can be like watching paint dry day in and day out. If you’re planning to switch to a high paying career that is also extremely dull then you should ask yourself is it worth chasing the money. Something more exciting that pays a little less may be a better option.

What Do Your Friends And Family Think?

You don’t know everything yourself. That’s why you should get a second and third opinion from family or friends. They may be able to give you insight into whether your planned career change is a good option or not.

Do You Have The Passion

Perhaps the most important question to ask is are you interested in the new career. You will need some real passion to make the switch. If it’s lacking, then you may be better off holding out in your current position, while you look for something more suitable.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to understand what drives you before making a career switch. You don’t want to do so for the wrong reasons and end up in a job you hate because you chased money instead of passion. On the other hand, neither should you end up as a starving artist if you have a family to support. Try to find the best of both worlds.