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Why A. Design Domain Name Is A Must Have for You

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jun, 22

Are you an artist or designer? If yes, then you must immediately switch the .com domain to .design. This small but fruitful change to your website could help you in getting more clients, highlighting your talents more effectively to your audience and connecting with people in the industry. Let’s understand why companies and artists are migrating to the .design domain. When convinced, get your free .design domain name. Thank us later!

It helps in branding

Branding is everything- whether you want to sell your art projects or simply highlight all the good work you have done, creating a brand name that matches with your design principle is essential. Your brand includes everything from your website name to the colors you have used on the site. While creating a website based on art and design, you don’t want to stick with a .com, .net or .biz domain name. Instead, you want to ensure that your audience connects with your brand the moment they visit your site.

Take this example. An artist based in California wants to create her online design brand with the name ‘Caroline’s Best’. Which domain name will attract her audience more- or

The former domain name makes her brand look a generic brand. We don’t know whether she sells her best shoes or her best pastries. However, in the second domain name, we instantly know that she has a design-based website and our expectations are built in the same way.

It could help boost SEO

The domain name could also be helpful in boosting the SEO for your site. There is no known advantage of adopting this domain name for your website from Google’s point of view except for the fact that it uses ‘design’. However, to the user’s eye, it clearly indicates what your website is all about. Let’s assume that a user is searching for online prints. She searches Google for the same.

She is presented with two options on the top. One is and the other is Which website do you think will be chosen by the customer?

Again, has a better chance of getting clicked on, simply because the name clarifies what the website is all about.

It represents specialism

A .jp domain is used for websites in Japan while a .ca domain is used for websites in Canada. Similarly, a .gov domain signifies a government domain. These are known as specialist domains. Once used, it already suggests that your business or brand is different from other websites. You are conveying to the audience that your business deserves more attention than other businesses.

What are you waiting for? Give your business or brand a .design domain name. Many established businesses like Facebook are using them to communicate with their specialized audience, build communities, forums and get in touch with designers and artists from different verticals.