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Why Instagram Is The Top Social Platform For Engagement

Martin Castilla            No comments            Aug, 29

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms. It has made a lot of progress in the past few years and it probably will continue working for a longer time. The reason behind its success is its millions of followers. People use Instagram on a daily basis. The reason why people use it so much is because of its unlimited uploading of pictures. Through Instagram, you can let people know about your routine or spread awareness about anything through pictures. You can also interact with other people through this application and what is going on in their lives. Pictures are the best way to express yourself. Its popularity is increased after its update in 2010, and now it is the second most popular application in the entire world after Facebook. Social media marketing is also a thing now, and many famous celebrities have been making money off their Instagram accounts. Instagram helps you connect with your followers much easily which is why it would be right to say that Instagram is the top social platform for engagement. The reason behind this is explained as following:

Its Mobile

Instagram is a mobile friendly application which means that you can use this application wherever you want whenever you want. There are no restrictions of any kind; you can take a picture and post it right away. This is one of the reasons why people like to engage with this app more than others. Also, who doesn’t love looking at pictures? Most people would rather look at pictures than reading a bunch of paragraphs just to make meaning out of something. As the quote says ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. Further, Instagram lets you know about the daily routine of your friends and what they’re up to. You can keep yourself updated with your favorite celebrities activities and you can also let another watch what you’re doing! Then there are the super cool filters, instead of downloading a software for editing your pictures, you get an editing option while you’re posting your picture. This Instagram feature attracts its users the most.

The Visuals:

Nowadays, taking pictures all the time is considered to be a trend. Everywhere you look, people are busy in taking pictures and uploading them on different social media platforms. People not only love taking pictures but they also love looking at them. And of course, the Instagram edits make them even more attractive to look at. With Instagram’s ‘Infinite scroll’ you can look at a million pictures in a few minutes. Through the gift of the site, human beings can gather and interpret information and this information lets them understand something, this is the reason why looking at pictures is much more intense than any other activity.  Visual marketing is a thing now, people earn money through it, and it is also becoming popular now. The pictures on Instagram are posted in an order of equally squared pictures. This sequence makes Instagram fun to look at. Your site can look at many things at once, and when it looks at something beautiful, your attention is automatically moved towards that thing. That is the primary motto of this application, to make people see beautiful pictures and learn something new.

Departure From Other Apps:

Instagram is the perfect alternative to apps like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and so on. All day long, you use the same kind of apps, reading the same kind of status, looking at the same kind of tweets, opening the same kind of links but Instagram allows you to enter the world of pictures! With Instagram, you can get a break from all the other social media platforms. Young people are attracted towards this application because of its phenomenal display of pictures, and it keeps you engaged with the activities of your friends or celebrities. With the help of Instagram, you will find a certain satisfaction in looking at pictures and uploading one of your own. Also, with the new Instagram update of sharing your daily stories, people are using it more often now. You can not only look at your friends daily routine but you can also look at their live actions in every few minutes. So, people like to engage with this application more than others.

No Complicated Functions:

Instagram is probably the only social media application that doesn’t have any complex functions. Its privacy settings are super either, you can easily follow and unfollow people, you can easily post your pictures, you can quickly add words to your bio, and you can easily edit your photos. This application is easily approachable to many people. Through this, you can interact with your friends and family and gain followers on Instagram fast. You can like their pictures, you can send them messages, and you can also let them know what you’re doing through DM’s (Direct Messages). This application is the ultimate package for youngsters and people under 30. Many people enjoy using this app because they don’t have any problem in understanding its functions, it’s easy settings, and easy free download helps boost the app’s popularity, and hence people like to be engaged with it.


Another one of the reasons people love using Instagram is because it recently removed all the fake accounts of celebrities and specific brands. Unlike Facebook and twitter, on Instagram, you can learn if someone made a fake account. If you’re a celebrity, you don’t have to worry about your name being used in the hands of wrong people. You will have to verify your account and you’re good to go! Instagram is very strict about its norms and values. It obeys what it promised and fulfills its responsibilities. You would never have to worry about someone bothering you or abusing you online; you can simply block them and get rid of their accounts through reporting them. Instagram removes all kind of confusions about fake accounts, and you would never have to worry about following the wrong person. Instagram is extremely convenient in many different ways including this. This is the reason its popularity is increasing every day.

Increasing Popularity:

Instagram has around 700 million regular users. Even with this, it’s growth rate is increasing day by day. Instagram has more interesting and attractive content than most of the social media platforms. Instagram is also one of the most global sites. Through this, you can capture the moment around you and share it with your friends and family. It’s 600 million users are posting on a daily basis and many people have gained a lot of popularity through this application. Everyone loves looking at different colorful pictures. These pictures are the reason why people use Instagram as frequently as they do. It didn’t have 700 million followers in a day, its extravagant updates, unique displaying of pictures and videos, alluring edits and grasping of the audience is what makes Instagram this popular and audience friendly.  Instagram creates a sense of intimacy through the pictures. You can learn more about a person through their pictures instead of reading about it. Pictures also help you engage with the person in a better way.