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Will Business Ties be Present in Future Business Dress?

Martin Castilla            No comments            Nov, 8

The current business dress style is still very much based in the suit and tie uniform. A stroll through inner London would reveal a huge number of bankers and businessmen sporting slick ties and bespoke well-fitting suits. However, will this still be the case in twenty years time?

The rise in the ‘gig economy’ and remote working arrangements means more people are turning up to work in casual wear. What does this mean for the future of the tie? Perhaps a more casual feel with a more dressed down approach. Here are our thoughts on the future of the suit and the necktie.

Future of the Tie in the Business World

When you are in the world of business giving a positive first impression is imperative as well as coming across as professional in any situation. For this reason, one may believe that a suit tie is still the only way to go.

For interviews this may very well be the case; wearing a tie signifies to the person interviewing you that you have made the extra effort to present yourself in a professional way. However, you may have to tailor your tie selections based on organisational culture.

If you work under Richard Branson you may be greeted by a swift pair of scissors. Sir Richard feels ties are not worn so much out of choice but expectation. This is not a view shared by many. Wearing a tie still has the added benefit of making you feel more confident and when combined with a suit this can make the difference between the dream job or rejection.

The style of the actual ties also changes with general fashion trends. Adopting a slimmer tie with a slimmer jacket may then be becoming more common in the workplace.

The ‘power tie’ of the eighties may have fallen to the wayside but many traditional styles are still present in modern business attire. Whilst we thankfully haven’t seen the adoption of the ‘double tie’ as predicted in Back to the Future, one thing is for certain, ties are yet to reach extinction.

What you can do to Stay in Style

Staying in style with your business tie wear is very possible if you take the right steps. Dressing down the tie in the workplace is very possible. A plain slim tie with a tailored checkered shirt could be the perfect way dress down that dreary office tie.

Another way you could buck the business trend is by opting for a brighter colour paired with a more casual shirt will help you bridge the gap between business dress and smart casual. This will be a great help in most workplaces where smart casual and even regular casual is becoming the default dress style.

No matter what style you adopt having a high-quality necktie will always be important if you are to look and feel your best. When you are ready to buy a high-quality tie head over to James Morton for a great selection of business and bespoke ties.