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Your CRM Software: How to Manage Your Remote Sales Teams Efficiently

Martin Castilla            No comments            Mar, 24

When you are running your business, there is one element that powers all the departments and areas of the business. Whether it is sales or marketing, or even operations, you would do well to choose and bring in the right people for the right job. This also includes bringing in the righty technologies and tools that can further power the human element. CRM is one of the foremost technologies that is slowly but surely changing the way the world does business. With the right CRM software in place, you can actually employ a team of sales and marketing people who can be stationed anywhere in the world. This will also help you bring in business from different parts of the world efficiently. 

But with a remote sales team, there is the challenge of managing them and keeping them motivated so that they constantly strive to help you meet the overall goals of the business. How can you do this with your CRM process? Here are a few tips: 

  • Create Clear Cut Processes: The first and foremost thing to do would be to create processes that will actually help each member find a role within the entire sales pipeline and overall process. With a good CRM system in place, this will become easier. The right CRM software will help you create structured processes where each task will be defined and matched with the relevant information and interactions that need to be included in the tasks. This will make the process a lot better and it will help each team member remain accountable since the said tasks will have to be fulfilled on a routine basis. With such processes, you can keep the team accountable and you can create the structure of a routine for them as well.  
  • Manage the Usage of Time: After the human resource, time would be one of the biggest and most important resources for any and every business. To be able to match the human element with the right activity at the right time and within the right time frame is a major challenge. This challenge gets even more amplified when you are trying to manage a sales team efficiently. With the use of proper CRM implementation process, you can manage the time and define each task around a time frame so that the team members are motivated to get the task done within that time. This will also save time for each and every team member which will further motivate them to reach out for higher goals on behalf of the business. 
  • Making things Simple: When you are trying to handle a remote sales team through your CRM implementation, you would do well to keep things simple within each structure, database, tasks, functions and the overall information stored therein. The call up of information should be designed in a way that is easy and intuitive so that the team members do not have to waste time in looking for contact information or the interactions that need to be acted upon. This will not only cut down on time and the overall team bandwidth, but it will also help in making better use of the resources with simple and clear cut guidelines. 
  • Create a Manual of Guidelines: This brings us to our next point. You would need to create clear cut guidelines and a manual within the CRM systems that you have put into place for your remote sales teams. This list of guidelines or the manual that you create would be the compass for your team members so that they know exactly what they are to do and how they are to do it. It will also help them comply with your basic structure for the CRM as well as your brand ideals so that you are able to put forward a professional foot each time your team members interact with clients and prospects.  
  • Better Collaboration: When you are handling a team from a remote location, you would have to work a little harder in order to build better communication, competence and overall collaboration within the team so that all the team members work well in tandem. The CRM systems would help you do this in an efficient manner. When you have a structure with all the information and tasks with prompts in place as well as the automation to power it all, you will be able to avoid duplication of efforts and the missing out of tasks as well. This will help in building trust as well as accountability so that you are able to build more secure teams that are held together with plenty of trust and team work on their side. You can also initiate exercises and tasks that can help team members take a breather and indulge in tasks that will build team work.