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Your Guide To Foamcore Signs And Foamcore Printing

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jul, 31

Signage is one of the main visual elements that you should consider. Signs are not just useful tools, they may also be a graphic, inanimate salesperson for your own business. There are lots of types of materials used in making signage. One of which is the Foamcore signs and boards. This particular material is what we are going to talk about in this article. Sit back, relax, and give this article a read, to know more!

Foamcore: What is it?

Foamcore is what they also refer to as foam board printing, foamboard, Foamcore signs, poster board, foam core, or foam core. Even though there are various manufacturers of it, all of those products are just the same. Generally, Foamcore signs are great for indoor posters, banners, and signs. Commonly, it is made of an extra dense, lightweight, and rigid plastic foam interior and is faced on each side with two thin sheets of printable, smooth coated paper. That, in particular, is what gives the Foamcore its unique strength capabilities. Furthermore, you may easily hang the Foamcore prints of the ceiling even with no unique weight-specific hanging system. Moreover, these particular sheets may be used for the foamboard printing as well as to create some custom Foamcore prints.

Foamcore is water resilient and bends slightly, yet isn’t crumple-proof. Moreover, it has a strong effect capacity. Isn’t it amazing? Furthermore, the Foamcore printing is actually the best option if you are looking for a lightweight, firm dimensional signage that has a quality stability at a low price. If you’re looking for a wall signage for your office, this is the most recommended one!

Moreover, Foamcore boards and signs are perfect presentation pieces that can get that message transversely to your business endeavors. These high-grade prints and boards are very well suited for scholastic or business presentations, trade shows, and lectures. The Foamcore is the most economical of all the high-grade board printing choices. The board is very ideal for the temporary use. Nevertheless, it may be beneficial for a longer period of time as well.

Foamcore: Uses

The best use of the Foamcore is when you need a sign for temporary use. The best example might be when your business is having a temporary sales at a particular place of the business and want to direct the traffic into the store.

Furthermore, conferences may often use these boards to show which of the conference rooms are used for an event. Also, the boards or signs may be beneficial for presentations, as well as in the promotion of products.

You may print almost anything on the board. The only limit is your own imagination. Furthermore, it is recommended that you print that things you want directly on the foam board for a much cleaner and sleeker look. Not just that, it is also to prevent the separation, which may happen when you paste a paper on a bard.

Foamcore: Printing Options

When you avail Foamcore boards from various custom printers, they may offer you other options. In the actual fact, there are a lot of other options available, some of which are as follows:

  • Heavy Duty Lamination. Rather than the standard 3/16” foamcore board material, you may upgrade to about ½” foamcore This can make the board more durable, long-lasting, and lesser prone to bending and crumbling.
  • Foamcore Print Lamination. If you want to extend the quality and life of the Foamcore board more, you may consider laminating it. This will increase the lifeexpectancy of the board and add a much higher quality appearance to the board.
  • Double-SidedFoamcore Printing. This may be beneficial if you want to have a board or print that can be seen from both directions or is hanging from the ceiling. If you use this option, you can save yourself the cost of purchasing another board as it is two-sided already. 

Foamcore: Lifespan

The lifespan of the Foamcoresigns ultimately depends on how you handle it. It may get damaged and dented easily. Remember, it is best suited for low-traffic and short-term use. We recommend that you put the board in a metal frame to make it last for years.


Foamcore boards are beneficial for short-term uses –that is for a certain. Nonetheless, if you put so much care into it, you will be able to make it last for a long period of time. If you want to know more about it, you should visit their website as they offer high-quality products and services, so check them out!