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YouTube Marketing Tips for First Timers

Martin Castilla            No comments            Apr, 24

In the big bad world of marketing, it’s the video marketing campaign that might feel like your Everest. While designing a static advert and sharing textual marketing can be as easy to do in-house, developing a professional and engaging short video for use on YouTube will mark out your business as a serious competitor in your industry. This article is designed to help first-timers in the YouTube advertising space understand how they can best go about creating and publishing a video campaign to encourage better business and higher sales for their company.


You need to start with the concept. Remember that most adverts on YouTube are no longer than 30 seconds long and that you ordinarily have only a few seconds to get the attention of your viewer before they’re shown the ‘skip’ button. You need, therefore, to operate within these constraints to pull together a wonderful piece of content that will encourage web users to trade with you.


Next up, it’s time to design the story board for your digital video advert. You may be thinking of telling a short story or you may prefer to have a single individual talk to the camera about your products or services. Look to what other brands and businesses do on YouTube for inspiration: how do they engage with their own videos? Make sure you can draw out exactly what you want in the story board before you approach designers and editors to help with your project.

Creative Help

Now, you’re going to need the specific expertise of a video marketing professional to help you make your YouTube advert a reality. To get this help, you can either hire a professional for in-housework, or you can find a freelancer or an agency to do it for you. In the latter case, you’ll be able to get help quicker, and they’ll be experienced in producing what you’re looking to market with on sites such as YouTube.


Now that you have your video finalized, it’s time to make sure it’s optimized for web viewing, duration and for mobile, too. All these factors will ensure that your video appears to be legitimate and professional when it is shown to YouTube users across the world wide web. Your designer can help you do this, though it’s worth understanding how these videos should be formatted before you finalize the design.

Place the Ad

Finally, it’s time for you to place your very first YouTube advert. This is an exciting moment for your brand, and you will soon be able to monitor the return on investment that you receive for your efforts. It’s worth noting that companies such as YouTube’s video marketing professionals True View can help you tailor your video still further, ensuring that you are reaching the right people, and that you only pay for your advert of web users watch it beyond a certain period of time. Partners such as these can help boost the effectiveness of your video marketing content on YouTube.

Use the above tips to get your very first YouTube marketing campaign off the ground in 2020.