Art Creative Ltd

About Our Company

Welcome, I am Martin Castilla, the owner of this website. This site is the product of my work as a web designer. For about half a decade I worked in various areas of web design before I decided to take the leap and start a very exciting new venture. Initially, I focused on the creation of offline designs, mostly flyers for restaurants. These little local projects were so successful that it made sense to think a little bigger, and initiate the creation of my own design company, Art Creative Ltd.

Our Services and Clientele

Today my team and I run a still somewhat small, but very successful international design venture with clients from all around the world, mostly in Spain and Latin America. We provide a wide variety of design-related services, including graphical, website, interior and exterior works, and the creation and publishing of marketing-related literature. We are interested in any project that requires us to tap into our creativity. Thanks to our success and abundance of positive feedback, our professional versatility is the Nr.1 reason for making us such a popular choice.

The Website

We created this platform around two years ago, because we wanted to have an additional place for our clients to reach us. We are also using this site to advertise our services. A website is ideally suited to both, however, as usual, our creativity soon took over. We quickly realised that a web page is far more than a perfect advertising tool. It can be much more than that, a source of good information, and another platform for us to express who we are. We, as a team, firmly believe that creativity has to flow freely, and that includes sharing some of our ideas with our audience. This includes designs as well as theoretical material, our thoughts, ideas, tips, anything else that may help others.

A Place that Benefits Our Readership and Clientele

As we put our creative efforts into the website, it became clear that it would benefit us and our visitors. They generate traffic, and we share tips, articles, blog posts and creative design ideas with them, while reviewing and advertising relevant products. Currently, the website generates an incredible amount of traffic and another nice stream of revenue for us. Monetising it was a wise decision, and it only made us redouble our efforts to make this site great.

This is Where the Blog Comes In

We have major plans for our blog. It’s already popular with our visitors, but we want to make it even better, turning it into the focal point of the website. We have already hired content creators that will work hard on this aspect of the site. In addition, and as part of a larger plan, we also want to offer potential guest bloggers the opportunity to write for us. Anybody who feels like they have something important to share can get published here. Our growing team is full of creative people, and we are always brainstorming to come up with new ways of improving our website and business. See you there.