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3 Ways To Boost Your Conversion Rates

boss            No comments            Sep, 10

When running a business, at the bottom of every goal, the aim is always the same – to make money.

While putting money into advertising and marketing, both online and offline, you need to ensure that you make more from whatever it is that you put in. This is particularly true these days of online eCommerce business, especially as the market has become extremely saturated in recent years.

So, while you may end up with great campaigns, if it isn’t converting, it can become a waste. But how do you make it convert?

Conversion rates

A conversion rate is a percentage based on a ratio, which can be worked out by how many people converted to a sale based on those that landed on the website. For example, if 5,000 people landed on your website and 300 converted, you would divide the conversions by the visitors and then multiply it by 100. In this case, your conversion rate would be 6%.

Below, you’ll find three ways that could help boost conversion rates on your website.

Website update

The first, and probably most important way to increase conversion rates is to update your website. If your website isn’t inviting, or easy to navigate, it can instantly put people off buying from you. Alongside this, a slow website that doesn’t load within a fraction of a second can also result in people bouncing.

When looking at website conversion rates, the average is 2.35%. However, the top 10% of websites have an average conversion rate of 11.45%. This shows that an update could account for 30% of the changes needed to improve conversions, which could rise from 1 to 3.5%.

What’s working

Knowing what is and isn’t working can also help significantly here. This way, when it comes to updating your website, or parts of it, you won’t be wasting time on bits that don’t need working on.

One big area to look at is mobile and desktop and see how this can be improved. Many companies are slow on the uptake of mobile, which is costing them a lot due to the world now being mobile-first. Google has even developed a metric to help businesses out when it comes to discovering this.


Once you know what needs improving or fixing, the next step is to test. One of the most important things you need to do when it comes to increasing conversions, this form of experimentation will let you know what’s working and what’s not, helping to lead you down the right path eventually. Companies such as Digivante offer different forms of testing from functional to localisation, and accessibility to ensure that you are offering your customers the best service. Without testing, you risk losing valuable customers. 

Testing will help you see what brings the customer to the website in the first place, helping you to build a greater idea of your customer base and what it is that’ll make them want to buy.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to increasing conversion rates for your website. But, as you can see, unless the bones of the operation are sturdy, the rest of it won’t work.