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4 Kinds of Creative Promotional Materials You Need for Your Marketing Campaign

Martin Castilla            No comments            Mar, 21

Are you trying to get the word out about your company’s new product or service? If so, then you should realize that your marketing campaign’s success will hinge heavily on the kind of promotional materials that you will use. While print ads, flyers, and TV commercials will always be a reliable go-to, the fact is that everyone else—including your competitors—are already using them, so you have to be a bit more creative with the kind of promotional materials that you’ll be choosing.

With that in mind, what specific kinds of promotional products should you use? If you’re running out of ideas, or you’re just finding your creative juices to be running low, then we’re here to help. The following is a compiled list of materials that should inject some quirky imagination and creativity into your marketing campaign, which should make it all the more memorable and fun for your customers.

Giveaway items

One kind of promotional material that is assured to give your campaign the creativity and fun factor that it needs to stick in your target demographics’ minds is the giveaway item. Everyone loves freebies, especially the kind that they’ll be able to use or wear as a fashion item. For this, items such as pens, baseball caps, enamel lapel pins, and wristbands should be perfect.

However, you can’t just buy these items and then hand them out. You have to make sure that they’re customized to display your branding prominently, otherwise all you’re doing is essentially giving stuff away for free. You can do this by ordering promotional materials from sites like WeCustomize, as they allow you to order such freebies in bulk while also letting you customize them any way you want. Such sites are also convenient if you want high quality company-branded souvenirs that you can sell in your establishment’s gift shop.

Artistic, hand-drawn murals

Huge billboard ads are very visible and can be quite effective as a means of promotion, but as far as being creative goes, it’s quite passé and common. Why not commission a local artist to make a public wall mural of your brand or product instead? This way, not only will you be pushing your marketing campaign in a way that’s both unique and creative, but you’ll also be contributing to the beautification of your local neighborhood. You’ll also be doing your part in promoting local creative works, so that’s another plus. Just make sure to hash out a good design with the artist beforehand.

Retail brand collaborative products

Another way to creatively capture your target audience in a way they won’t quite expect is to pair up with a popular retail brand. You can have your partner brand create exclusive, limited-run products sporting your own branding. Depending on how popular and premium the brand you’re collaborating with is, you can expect quite impressive returns for this since people will inevitably associate that brand’s quality and popularity with yours.

There’s also the fact that anything that’s available only for a limited time will inevitably attract collectors and enthusiasts, thus attaching a certain kind of appeal to your brand as well. Again, be sure to work extensively with your collaborative partner so that the products they’ll be producing with your branding on them is worth collecting or purchasing.

Candy, snacks, or edibles

If your product or service has anything to do with food or even eating, then you may want to consider using customized candy, snacks, or edible items as a way to supplement your marketing campaign. For example, if you’re a catering company, then you can give out branded breath mints to the attendees of your buffets. This way, you’re spreading your business’ name and identity to your clients’ guests, while also helping them freshen up their breath from the savory buffet they’ve just enjoyed. You’re connecting your brand with a positive and convenient experience.

But even if your brand doesn’t have anything to do with food, you can still take advantage of this particular creative promotional material. For example, you can hand out beef jerky or fruit leather that you’ve packaged with your own brand if you’re a company that deals with sporting or camping goods. Another example could involve branded canned food or MREs if you’re promoting survival gear or equipment.

Creative promotional materials help your marketing campaign stand out amongst the rest

Just because flyers, print ads, and TV commercials work, doesn’t mean that they’re the only promotional material you should rely on. By thinking creatively and tying your promotional material to your brand’s service or product in entirely new ways, you can really help set yourself apart from your competition and attract the kind of attention that you need.