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5 Worthy Online Business Ideas For 2020

Martin Castilla            No comments            Feb, 27

Do you want to quit your 9 to 5 job and become self-employed? But you stick to your dreaded job as you are unsure about how to make money online?

Good news is 2020 seems to be the perfect time to start an online business, as most people are looking to break free from the daily 9 – 5 grind.

An online business lets you work on your own terms, from the comfort of your couch! There are also plenty of online learning platforms to help out.

We did some research and have identified five online business ideas that can help you earn a decent living for yourself in 2020:

Affiliate Marketing

If you do not have the time, resources or expertise to manufacture your own product you can establish an online business — to promote others’ products on your website and sell them.

To pursue a business in affiliate marketing, you must choose a specific niche and strengthen your sales and copywriting skills for that particular niche. With quality content you can tempt potential customers to purchase anything on behalf of your client.

Every time a visitor makes a purchase you receive a certain percentage of that sale!

If you want to monetize your content and make the most out of your blogging efforts, you should consider creating an online course

Some of the best branding agencies in NYC specialize in affiliate marketing and offer custom-made programs for different industries.

Provide Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing allows local businesses to advertise products and services on online platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc. It could include services such as graphic designing, SEO, content creation, or social-media management etc.

One of the best branding agencies NYC recommends that you carry out research in a particular niche and offer a multitude of services to get more clients.

As a digital marketing specialist, you can help an online business devise a marketing strategy. And help them convert more leads into customers — to achieve better sales and growth (and better commissions for you, of course!)

Blog Writing

Starting a blog in 2020 is a lot easier than ever before. It can supplement your income if you market your services well. To make money online writing blogs, focus on honing your writing skills and provide quality content on various topics and you will be in the market for the long haul.

Pro Tip: You can also  sell ad space, sponsor products, or eBooks to supplement your income.

E-Commerce Store

Probably the best way to make money in 2020. All you need to do is: Set up an interactive website and stack up on inventory — and you will give established brick and mortar stores a run for their money.

Engage with audiences online, advertise your products and make money. If you cater to several markets you can turn your e-commerce store into a highly profitable business.

Offer Web Designing  Services

If you know how to build a website you can design webpages through WordPress. All businesses need a website for customer engagement and to market their products and services.

You can help market their brand, generate more leads for them through a website — and make yourself some good money in the process!

Pro Tip: You may sign up for an online course in web designing and bag yourself a decent income working from home.

The Way Forward

In 2020, you have an amazing chance to start an online business and create a comfortable life for yourself and your family.

From the ideas listed in this blog, choose one that best suits your expertise. You have plenty of options to kickstart an online business this year. And with the right strategy, dedication and commitment, your business can scale to greater heights.

So choose an online business you are passionate about and get down to it!