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9 Inspiring Ways that Vases can Spruce up your Home (and where to use them for maximum impact)

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jun, 29

Who knew that a simple vase could be such a versatile home décor accessory. Decorative vases are an inexpensive way to instantly update the look and feel of any room in your home.  Whether you add a vase to the center of a dining table, group 2-3 vases on an entryway console or display a single daisy in a hydroponic test tube vase on a kitchen windowsill, vases offer an easy solution to updating your home.

Decorative vases add color, shape, texture and beauty to any setting. They are the ultimate home accessory.  There are vases to suit every style and every budget, so it’s no wonder the vase is an Interior Designer’s secret weapon.  Here are a few inspiring ways that you can use vases to inject style into any room with minimal effort and maximum results.

1.  Colored glass vases are bold and modern

Color… glorious color. Nothing is more impactful than a burst of eye-catching color to make everything around it pop. Place a colored glass vase on a kitchen counter or window sill to let the light shine through and highlight the colored glass. Or group a couple of colored vases on your dining table and display flowers from your garden. A colored glass vase is the perfect way to create a focal point in a dining room or bedroom.

Try it!  Place colorful glass vases on a dining room sideboard or bedroom dresser.

2.  Vases with modern silhouettes add visual interest

Display empty vases in different shapes, heights and colors, along a fireplace mantle or on a living room shelf. When a vase has a chic shape, texture and design, it offers a simply sophisticated look that complements both the modern or traditional decor scheme.  Buy flower vases with unique shapes. These decorative accessories are just as beautiful displayed empty as they are holding a sprig of greenery or floral stem. Mixing colors, shapes and sizes is a great way to draw attention to a corner of the room or to highlight a wooden shelf or glass coffee table.

Try it! Arrange a group of vases of varying heights on a fireplace mantel or office bookcase.

3.  Textured vases add depth and richness

Black, grey, taupe, sage–these are a few of the new neutrals. Muted shades offer a level of sophistication that can blend into a design and kick the elegance factor up a few notches. Using a sleek black or lovely taupe vase on a mantel can change the feel of your room. Pair vases in different textures (such as smooth porcelain with ribbed earthenware). Create vignettes by grouping vases that have a common thread, such as color or shape.  You can also mix textured vases with similarly textured items (a ribbed vase with a ribbed planter or ribbed decorative accents).

Try it! Group textured vases in as a centerpiece on a dining room table or spread them over several shelves on a bookcase.

4.  Bud vases create a stunning windowsill display

Imagine the sunlight shining through the window, and then illuminating these already stunning colored glass bud vases–gorgeous! A glass flower vase reflects light and color and looks elegant no matter where you place it. Use a group of multicolored bud vases and place a few buds in one or two, while leaving the rest empty. Or group four or five together and have a single bloom in each. There are so many ways to add color and beauty to your home when you use pretty glass vases as decorative accents.

Try it!  Let beauty bloom on a kitchen windowsill or bathroom vanity with colored bud vases.

5.  White vases are fresh and clean

Sometimes using a simple, white vase in your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen is all you need to brighten up your decor.  White vases are clean and beautiful, matching every decor style and blending beautifully into any space. Group white vases that have the same finish but different shapes, on an entryway table for a fresh welcome when guests arrive. Vary the height and weight. Place the shorter vases in front with the tallest at the back. Mix round and square to create balance. 

Try it! An entryway table, dining room console or kitchen counter are ideal locations for striking white vases and a sprig of greenery or small succulent.

6.  Shapely vases fill empty or awkward spaces

Every home has an empty corner or awkward space that would benefit from the beauty of a tall or large vase. The ledge on a staircase, a corner in the entrance or an open shelf in a room with cathedral ceilings–all of these are unique areas to decorate.  
Let the space dictate the size and grouping of the vases you use in your home decor.  Round vases fill corners, while tall, slim vases add an elegant touch to a vertical space, on the floor or on a table. Fill a vase with flowers or branches when you want to add height to your vase display and take the eye upwards. Tall, decorative vases on a mantle, table or pedestal work wonders when you want to fill a bare wall and make a room more inviting.

Try it! Use large floor vases on an open ledge in a grand entryway or on a staircase landing to add a finishing touch.

7.  Seasonal displays offer year-round beauty

If a bouquet of colorful flowers doesn’t lift your spirits, how about a bunch of stunning colored vases in various shapes and head-turning shades? Use vases to change your decor with the seasons: add daisies to a glass vase in the Spring, sunflowers to a patterned vase in the Summer, wheat or bullrushes to a gold vase in the Fall
or sprigs of holly to a white vase in the Winter. There are so many options for every season.

Try it! Glass, porcelain or ceramic vases holding seasonal arrangements on an entryway table or beside a fireplace help to make your home warm and welcoming.

8.  Simplistic vases have a subtle way of capturing attention

A simple vase with an interesting shape or texture can add a subtle, yet eye-catching touch that’s just enough when placed atop a nightstand or living room side table. A few stems can further enhance the look, or if left empty, the shape and design of the vase itself can act as an elegant decorative accessory that’s simple and sophisticated.

Try it! Use vases with unusual designs, shapes or textures to capture attention while blending into your decor in a powder room or master suite.

9.  Vases as head-turning works of art

You don’t have to be an art connoisseur to appreciate a breathtaking sculpted vase.  Display your inner Goddess with a ceramic vase that doubles as a work of art. With or without flowers, a sculpted decorative vase is aesthetically pleasing and looks magnificent on a table beneath a gallery wall.

Try it! Make a statement on an entryway table, fireplace mantel or beneath a gallery wall.

If your home could use a quick refresh, discover how easy it is to change things up by adding a few decorative vases to each room. You can also use decorative planters to bring the outdoors inside. Vases look fabulous indoors or displayed on the patio and garden. With or without flowers, vases are the ultimate accessory. 

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